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Weird dream last night.

I somehow stumbled into a bar and felt very out of place. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and didn't want to be there, but everyone in the bar wanted me to stay.

I felt like I couldn't connect to anyone there.

The bar served overly complicated drinks. One was called a "fire fighter" and in some weird cubic glass that was actually two glasses together. One side was filled with fireball whiskey and the other was sweet and sour. You were supposed to drink it together without letting the glasses come apart. Somehow. It was also really expensive.

Everyone in the bar then decided to play an overly complicated drinking game. It was called 40-something and involved several decks of cards. Everyone got in a circle and the dealer handed out cards.

I didn't know how to play and Adem was suddenly there next to me doing a really bad job of explaining it. All I can gather and remember is that as cards are being dealt out. . .you have to try and get rid of cards and place them on the floor. Certain conditions allow you to place cards and you can always play off of what other people put down.

Whatever cards you held left when time was up determined actions you had to do or drinks you had to take. I was still confused by what cards meant and wandered around.

Eventually I came across a large board with all the rules posted. All I remember is that 1 through 5 meant how many drinks you had to take. 10 was "determined by community." I asked a girl what I had to do with my 10 and she said, "I don't know. I like to walk into the group and shout (something I can't remember.)"

Not wanting to do that, I wandered on and entered another room. I find Adem and immediately move to give him an overly passionate kiss. Picture. . .something you would see in a bad movie. Over acting. As I was doing that, my dream shows me that there is a second Adem sitting near by and seeing this. He isn't amused at all.

The kiss was over and I was left with two Adems. One who seemed normal and one who seemed very upset. But I leave both of them, climb up in a chair, and next think I know everyone in the room is passed out with snuggies. I just stare at them and then my alarm went off.

I hit snooze and fell back asleep where I began dreaming I was riding a horse. I was also panicking because I don't know how to ride a horse.
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