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Since I don't seem to have time to really sit down and write entries, here's another update and random stuff.

1. Someone at work found me on LinkedIn where I use "Ani" instead of my legal name. She talked to me about it and I explained and now she calls me "Ani" at work. That has been so uplifting for me.

2. Something I want for my dungeon took quite a bit of work to figure out and now I wonder if I bit off more than I can chew. Actually I am worried that with all the work it took me to figure it out that it will end up having absolutely no impact what-so-ever for the party. Such as life I guess.

3. Not looking forward to me next paycheck. First paycheck of March hurts because February is a short month. On top of that, accounting told me they didn't put my 401K change in correctly. As a result, my last paycheck didn't have enough taken out for my 401K and so they are taking out MORE on my next one to make up for it. /Sigh

4. So much is planned coming up. SakuraCon and then moving and then a trip to Vegas. I think April is going to kill me.
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