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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Wizards, so needy. :P #dnd
  • >Searching for item between $25-$50. >Find $40 item. >$62.94 shipping. >#bullshit
  • I am no longer comfortable and want to pour hot water all over myself. Brrr.
  • "Please RSVP today!" And they don't tell me what time the event will happen or even where it is at.
  • I should put "The exception to all the rules" on my business card.
  • Cold puts me to sleep. If I eat breakfast I end up being hungrier throughout the day. My hair smells like pine trees.
  • Okay, so that last one is a result of trying a new hair product. .
  • I've never had Ragu pasta sauce before and I will never have it again. It tastes like Chef Boyardee. omg. #blegh
  • Coworker noticed the anibunny on my whiteboard and asked about a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. Um. #YouMustBeNewHere
  • OHing a coworker panicking about losing one of our iPads.
  • OHing another coworker finding the iPad on some empty desk in the sales room.
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