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Moving Thoughts

Getting the apartment stuff in order has been long and slow going. But, hey. At least the management of the new place is communicating with me. Unlike my current place before the new management stepped in this year.

Anyway. Things are slow going it seems as every few days they need something else from me. Pllb. At least I am not NEEDING to move right now or anything and it is planned for April anyway.

Been trying to figure out what things to get rid of and what to do at the new place. I will be getting rid of a lot of things for two obvious reasons: 1. Fear of bed bugs of course. 2. Smaller apartment.

I will admit that some of the things I sort of want to toss out are harder to part with than others. Sentimental attachments and all. I have started a new box for things for Good Will, but not everything I want to get rid of will be accepted by them. Some big items will go to craigslist.

Also, I have been looking into how to move from a bed bug infested home to a new place. Discovered something very cool I didn't know existed! I guess there are these strips you can buy that release a gas that kills them. You're supposed to bag up items that you can't wash (like books!) and put a strip with them for a few days. There have been a lot of positive reviews and most of the websites I read suggest that method.

So, I have ordered that, more residual spray that kills bed bugs in all stages, spray that hinders their reproduction, and large ziploc bags. I swear I will get out of there bed bug free.
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