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Apartment Cont.

I got to look at the apartment yesterday. The building is nice and secure. It is very clean inside too. The apartment itself is small, but I was expecting that with a studio in Santa Cruz. It is livable, though. Especially since I don't have much furniture to bring with me and I went a year living just in my living room anyway.

There are a lot of positives to out weight the downside of it being small. . .

There is a "dining" area that is attached. It would be easy to hang up curtains and put my bed in there, giving myself a sense of privacy. There are TONS of windows. It is beautiful and Santa Cruz is sunnier than Marina and all that natural light would be nice. It gives a sense of feeling open and not closed off.

I'm a city guy. Part of the reason living in Marina is getting on me is that it isn't a city. I like Marina. It's cute. Things are close. It just isn't for me. I miss living in a city and walking every where. This place is on a main street and surrounded by businesses. As weird as it sounds, I love that feeling. It is also literally a few blocks from downtown. I could walk to downtown. There's a beautiful park and neat stores downtown and I love that.

Commute will be hell though with traffuck.

I don't want to live in Santa Cruz area for years or anything, but I think living there as I try to get a job in San Jose will ease some of the suck in my life.

I should be able to drop off my application on Friday!
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