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Apartments: The Good and The Bad

I've complained a lot on here about how much I hate the world. It sucks when two major contributors to it aren't so easily under my control. Work and apartment. I realized the other night that I really need to focus on smaller things I CAN control that should help a bit.

But going back to the big things! I am doing my best to stay motivated in searching for both even though at the moment, it seems so slim. A week ago I stumbled onto a suitable apartment that I could afford that is in Santa Cruz. Smaller and more expensive, but I don't care at this point.

When it comes to my apartment, I am just tired of feeling so disconnected. I don't feel like I have a "home," but really just a place I use for shelter and storage. It is not very comfortable which leaves me depressed. All because of living with bedbugs and as the years went by, I lost more and more things and unable to replace it out of fear.

I tried like mad to get a hold of the apartment and FINALLY heard back last night.

The Good: The apartment was rented out, but I am told there is another one that will be available the first of April. This is exciting news as in my experience, it isn't often that places know that far ahead when a unit will be open. So, I am hoping I will have less competition to securing it for myself.

The Bad: April 1st, which is a Monday, is the day I come back from SakuraCon. For those of you not familiar with geography on this side of the U.S., it is a 13-16 hour drive from Northern Washington to Central California. Adem and I are doing the drive.

The Meh: IF I get the apartment, moving wouldn't happen until April 6th at the least. IF I can't get my current apartment to prorate April for me, then not all is lost. I already planned on devoting my entire tax return to the major moving expenses of deposit and 1st month rent and so. . .I could technically afford April's month at the current place as usual. Not ideal, obviously, but possible. And hopefully I would get some of my deposit back. But I don't see why they wouldn't prorate me.

Especially since new management is taking the time to upgrade empty apartments so that they can charge more for them. (Plus, everything there is outdated.) I am sure they would be happy to have a chance to remodel another apartment to rent out in May.

So, I am still going to seriously look into it. Going to view it soon and I got my application ready and filled out. I talked to a coworker who lives close by to make sure the area is fine. More later!
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