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Go Home, Ani. You're Drunk. (Wait, I am home.)

I am. . .about to pass out. So, none of this will make sense, but whatever.

BY SLEEPING AIDS by the way. I just realized how badly this post began.

I'm always weird when this sleeping, but I am excited and having fun and must babel before bed!

I am having lots of fun with designing a dungeon. I finally have the entire map worked out, decided on, regions designated, and doors and halls placed. Now I just gotta fill it. Which has been fun too, especially since I have already been thinking about stuff and things and so now it is just easier to visualize where everything is.

And I have already written out room info for a lot of the important rooms so. . .yeah.

No, seriously. I didn't expect to get this much fun out of the planning stage. It's been fun coming up with overlapping stories for the dungeon and history behind it. Even if none of it ends up coming out to the players or whatever. I love backstories. I feed off of them. Of course my dungeon will have it even if it is only for my amusement.

I'll have to get caught up on summarizing our campaign so that when I am finally running it, I can post about it as the party moves on.

It's fun just staring at my map and trying to imagine what way the party will go and how they will react to things.

Sorry to ramble.

I am going to bed now.


I can't wait to write about A6 and C6. Those rooms will be pretty~
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