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Well, it appears I am getting a bit more back from my taxes than expected. . .so hooray! I was hoping to use it to move to San Jose since moving is so flipping expensive. Except, I haven't gotten a new job yet and instead a few rejection letters.

I'm eager to leave this place, though. Especially since I woke up and found several bug bites on my legs and while they look different than I remember, I am still willing to bet they are bed bug bites. My bed bug monitors haven't snagged a beg bug yet and I haven't found one on my own, but fuck it. I think it is a safe bet.

So now I am wondering if I should just move to a new place. . .not as far as San Jose and be there for a year. I hate the idea of increasing my commute and (worse yet) locking myself down for an additional year, but I really don't want to stay here any longer.

I just want to move and be done with this shit, hopefully.
Tags: life sucks, money, real life
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