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Road Rage

My morning was a bit. . .I don't know.  Insane?  I won't go into details, but it ended with a very ballistic man getting out of his van and coming at me and my car while at a stop light.  He was yelling something at me and I just remember screaming at him to get away from me.  As soon as he turned away is when I drove off.  I knew I had to get as much distance as possible between us.

And in my position it was a bit tricky.  I was careful as I broke I don't know how many laws, but as soon as I made it onto a clear street. . .I just floored it.  When I finally felt safe, I just broke down.  

I am still in somewhat shock about it.  Off and on all day I would play it over again in my head.  Too much anxiety over it and I did feel a bit abandoned.  See, when I got to work in tears, two coworkers (one I consider a friend) was also pulling in.  They were very comforting and encouraging, but it was like as soon as we stepped in the building, it was all over.  Like nothing happened.  The company's owner was in visiting and so everyone was preoccupied with it.

I really wish today was Friday and so I wouldn't have to drive the same route tomorrow.  I'm feeling a lot of anxiety at the thought that I have to drive that same route again and risk running into that guy again.  Especially since my car is pretty memorable.  What with it being purple and all and custom plates and all.

He followed me for nearly 10 miles and so I know we could run into each other at almost any point during that route. . .if that's his same commute anyway.

I'm somewhat scared to drive to work tomorrow.

And yes, I did send a report to the police.
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