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Dream: Deconstruction

I had a very intense dream last night.  I am going to do my best to describe parts of it.

It began like a normal day.  I remember scenes of driving around with friends, going to lounges, talking, and it was like a normal day.  Everything changed when I found myself in a shopping center.  I was just staring at a window across the way and something just came over me.  It was like I snapped.

I took off into a run and then I thought to myself that I wanted to being flying.  It happened.  And I ended up flying through the window and just floated outside of the building.  It was now a skyscraper and I was several stories up high.  I had no fear and I realized I could control things with my mind.

I had no emotion in me and instead began flying around or walking to places.  I would control cars, lift them up, and throw them into buildings or people.  I would even pick up people with my mind and throw them places.  I just began killing people and destroying buildings.  Eventually police and vigilantes began hunting me down, but it was really easy to stop them.  I could control bullets and of course the people themselves.  They were not a concern for me.

Things took a weird turn when some of these groups of people began claiming that I was part of them or they would try to talk to me. I took a more sadistic turn. I would play with them, flying them up and hold them high in the air, began to drop them, but always catch them.

Eventually I got bored of this and did kill some of them who were driving in a truck.

I really don't know why I was doing this. I eventually broke into one condo and things got weird. The person who lived there made me actually feel something. I knew that person and I began feeling things. Anxiety. Desire. Fear. And when some people entered there to try and stop me, I got angry.

It was then I realized my powers were more than just moving objects with my mind. I could control physics. And with my sudden anger and all these emotions I hadn't felt at any other point in the dream. . .I began tearing down the world around me.

Until there was me and nothing. I was floating. After a moment, I found myself staring at a horizon of black water and white sky. I began floating to something I spotted in the water. Two rabbit ears poking up through the water and a voice was telling me this was the creator of the universe. The universe I destroyed. It was very unhappy with me.

I fell into the water and "woke up" laying down on the ground. It seemed like a swampy area and there was a lot of debris. People who looked like zombies began coming up and attacking me.

I still had my powers and kept killing them. But then I saw that guy. The person I knew who owned that condo. And the zombie-like people turned on him and killed him. I screamed, angry, and deconstructed the universe again.

The creator warned that each time I did this, things would just get worse and worse.

I "woke up" again in a similar world. Things seemed normal except that guy was in a wheel chair. He couldn't walk, but seemed to be fine. It still upset me. I began crying and walking off to somewhere.

There was a flash and I found myself inside some sort of building. It was cold, dark, and sterile. It had towers of computers and servers. People were hunting me there. I began to panic.

I didn't want to hurt that guy again and so I didn't want to use my powers. I kept weaving through computer towers until I found someone walking towards me. He was calm and I couldn't move. I stared and found myself slowly floating up. A voice told me that this is my destiny. There is something in me that makes me the person who will destroy the world. That will always be my job and that I should just accept it.

I sighed and tilted my head back. Two large black feathery wings came out from my back and I thought one word, "Fire" and the entire world was engulfed in flame.
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