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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • R-ramsay just licked a woman's crystal ball #notaeuphemism
  • Twitter is like the reality TV show of the social media world.
  • It is truly amazing that my Graham collection didn't make its way out of my bedroom and in my livingroom over the year.
  • Ah. Nothing like the smell of burnt popcorn in the morning to remember that one of my coworkers is incapable of making popcorn.
  • >Making an ad for a school >Need a cool picture >Take 360 tour of their library online >No books >Just kids on ipads on couches. >wat
  • So, I guess the library translates as, "A place kids sit on big comfy couches to use their iPad and a super awesome chess board Ani wants."
  • *Casually wonders if Union City is a bad place to live.*
  • So, I must share with you a stupid moment I had with myself.
  • I actually thought to myself, "I wonder if there is an email folder for items I have received."
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