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Really annoyed at the moment.

Because I have three monthly prescriptions and one that I need, I have it set up with my pharmacy that all I do is walk in, give my name and address, and I get my pills. My account is charged automatically. It is simple and easy. What I love about the pharmacy is I can order the refill online and I will get a text that it is ready.

Friday I went in, got a prescription, and headed home. I went to open the bag and that's when I saw the price which was $40 more than usual. Upset by this, I then notice the name of the prescription has changed and now I panic. Did I screw up and refill an old prescription? I had it months and months ago, but it didn't help and so my doctor changed it. I like what it was changed to as it was cheaper AND I had no ill side effects.

I go online and I check my order. Nope. Wasn't me. I ordered correctly, but my prescription was changed. They didn't tell me of the change either. I assume since I had no more refills, when they called my doctor, he changed it to the previous prescription.

Returned the unopened package and called my doctor today.

The assistant kept asking me why it was changed and I said I didn't know and that the pharmacy didn't know and that I wasn't originally told of the change anyway. I just want it changed back. I want the correct prescription. But that seemed like an unacceptable answer and she even went on to say that I was once prescribed the old stuff before, so what's the problem. MY GOD.

How hard is it really to change my prescription to the very thing I had last month?! And the month before that and the month before that. My god! I still haven't heard back and I am just sitting here. I have two days left.
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