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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • OH: "why is that guy wearing a furry hat?" "maybe he's a furry?" "fair enough."
  • OH: "when have I never invited you up to visit?" um....
  • Buzzed enough that our chat about politics and fixing the budget...feels like we are actually making a difference in the U.S.
  • Im going to try oyster tonight. Spoiler: im not excited.
  • I tried oysters for the first time. Plot twist: I liked it.
  • Apparently people don't know how to control the volume of their voice in the morning...geezus.
  • I'm a small phone person living in a giant-phone-that-doubles-as-tv-computer-planner-everything world.
  • Saw someone on Tumblr wondering if cosplaying the drow is racist or not and so I went looking for drow cosplay to post. Lost track of time.
  • So, we meet again 6am.
  • So apparently while I was on vacation, something happened with one of our websites and now it isn't loading properly. . .
  • And no one noticed because apparently I am the only person who knows what it should look like and/or the only employee who goes to it?
  • improved dice stacking

People who take the phrase "blackface" literally, don't understand what blackface is.  I had fun looking up drow cosplay, though.

The "volume of their voice" comment was January 1st.  So.  After a night with lots of drinking, I get woken up by people who were talking ver loudly.  I even had ear plugs in at the time!  WTF.

And, yes.  When I tried to put the d4 on top, that's when it feel over.  Pllb.

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