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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I forgot to mention that over the weekend, someone informed me that hotdog relish is basically mustard and pickles.
  • Why. Why has no one informed me of this before. IT SOUNDS AMAZING.
  • Im cold #nothingnew
  • Walk into Savemart with sunglasses because it is so effing bright outside. Walk out of Savemart into a down pour. Yay winter in CA
  • Had ground turkey for the first time in tacos. Not. . .anywhere near as good as beef.
  • I am no longer hungry and so I succeeded in the goal of feeding myself.
  • Glad that I didn't dream about Moon Nazis last night.
  • Fighting zombies in D&D and two of us rolled nat 20s. Too bad we cant crit zombies....
  • 4 nat 20s this battle. Geezus hell.
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