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World's Largest Dungeon: I "Blue" Myself

FIRST! I am a dork and decided to start up a "journal" for Micah. Basically. . .it is as if he is keeping a journal while exploring the World's Largest Dungeon. All from his perspective. You can see it here: Journal of Micah Shard

Over the weekend we had lots of D&D, with an all day session on Sunday. Here are the highlights!

The Goblin King "Blue" Me - We ended our last session just before a major goblin battle. The first hoard of goblins saw us as betraying them for not killing their enemies and even trading with them. The King called for the goblins to attack us. Over 30 of them attacked! They fought in two large groups and tried flanking us. Micah has become more of a moving character and tried circling around them attacking goblins along the edges of their ranks. It worked okay, but the other party members worked out better.

It did take a while to get the upper hand, but eventually we did. The Goblin King had a Rod of Wonder and kept using it on us. Most of the time, nothing significant would happened. Our DM made a short laugh when looking over the list of effects it have and shared one with us. (For those of you who don't know, the Rod of Wonder casts a random effect on the target or caster.) He said one of the effects that could happen is turn the target or caster a permanent color. We all had a laugh about this and I even commented that Micah would be pissed if that happened to him.

Of course this means I jinxed Micah and myself.

Micah made the King nervous when he began climbing up the wall. So he used it on Micah and I made the d100 roll. 97. The DM made a face and I had the feeling what happened. He told me to roll percentile and pick high or low. I "failed". I then rolled a d6 and now Micah is a permanent shade of blue. Fantastic.

We did eventually finish off the goblins, discover that the King was actually a doppleganger, and our lovely archer has ended up with the Rod of Wonder. I get the feeling that a party with the Rod of Wonder isn't always a good thing. . .

At least we got our worg puppy.

Undead Things - The party moved onward to the next area of the dungeon. On our way we come across a journal that describes something bad happening in the Northeast. We don't know what that bad thing is and the idea doesn't stop us! As we move forward we begin coming across more signs of Myruun, something the party has stumbling onto for a while now. We don't know what it means, but the more we travel in the more we come across the symbol of it.

We enter another battle with some outsider hounds with large quills. I can't remember what they are called. A large size creature that was a bit to handle, but we took care of the things. We needed to rest and so the party set up its usual watch order.

On Micah's watch, he overheard scratching at the door. Even though the door was trapped, he quickly wakens and alerts the others. They get up and prepare themselves. It is one of the outsider hounds again! Obviously dead. Zombie actually. Ick!

We take down the thing and dismember the remaining bodies in hopes that none of the things will animate later on. We question the idea of a possible necromancer in the area.

We do end up fighting a hoard of Hobgoblin skeletons and some white. . .ghost things that suck our health just by touching us. Fantastic.

Alignment Traps - Something fun I want to mention are these alignment traps we came across! Erin and Cashel proceed into a room when Erin suddenly feels she tripped a trap wire. She then finds an invisible force field is around her and now she can't get out.

Cashel was right next to her and thinks he is stuck too. Hilarious! Micah heads over to see if he can find it and disarm the trap. He discovers a small silver ring is around them on the floor and sure enough, he can't enter. I can't remember how, but while Micah is trying to figure out how to help the two, Cashel finds that he actually can just walk out. Nice!

Cue fun moment of Cashel trying to carry Erin out of the circle, only for her to get squished up against the invisible wall.

Micah suggests that Cashel should use his spear that is good against Chaos to break the silver circle.

Cashel: How about I give you the spear so you can do it?

Micah last saw Erin get electrocuted by touching the spear and the spear was originally held by an angel statue that said it would fight all chaos and evil. Not touching it! So Cashel breaks the silver circle and Erin is free!

The party does find another trap, however. One that traps Cashel in place. Micah was able to help him this time.

Big Undead Thing - Micah has been finding traps just before doors instead of on the doors themselves. By the looks of them, he makes the deduction that the traps must be there to keep whatever is in the room inside. They make it to another one of these rooms and Micah finds a pressure plate in the floor, 10 by 10ft. He decides to scout on ahead by climbing up the wall and heading inside. . .to see if it is worth exploring.

He makes his way toward the back of the room, still on the wall, when he spots a ogre zombie. It sees Micah. Eek! He tries to run back to the others and jumps over the plate. The ogre steps on the plate and the hall the party happens to be in is filled with a poisonous gas. Fantastic. We do defeat the thing.

Shadow Dancing - As the party is traveling down the halls, they catch the sound of something. Micah spots someone walking by at the other end with a light and being followed by some creature. Some of our party members assume it is the necromancer and want to pursue him.

They follow and find themselves in a very large room with columns. As they begin searching the room, two shadow mastiffs attack! This becomes a fun battle. . .as one of the mastiffs use a howl that sends some of the party into a panic.

By some I mean all but one.

Everyone but Erin takes off running out of the room for two rounds. Erin tries to take on the two Shadow Mastiffs herself and finds it isn't so easy. Micah notices (before bolting away in a panic) that the mastiffs seem hard to hit because they move, sway, or "dance" in shadow.

Eventually everyone returns and they hurry over to help, Erin is on the ground after having been tripped by one of the mastiffs and is trying to fight while on the ground.

Micah gets close enough for an attack. Since one of the mastiffs is now actually injured, it howls again. Everyone but three people run off in a panic. . .thankfully Micah is there to help.

Poor Cashel kept bolting away and running back and bolting away and running back. There was a brief moment where all the players imagined how difficult and tiring that would be in the knight's armor. Talk about a work out!

Near Death - The party enters another room later on and finds themselves ambushed by four of the outsider hounds. This becomes a very difficult battle. Micah remains on the outside, trying to move in, attack, and move off again. Our archer is back, but the cleric, knight, and pirate are all in the middle of these four creatures!

People were taking a beating and it was an intense battle. At one point, Cashel (our strongest fighter) and our cleric were both down and bleeding. Micah doesn't have heal and we don't have many healing potions. It took some planning and team work. . .but we managed to do it.

Erin got a potion to Cashel and Jaden got one to Ashlin. As soon as Ashlin was up, she used invisibility sphere. I really don't remember what happened with how we killed the remaining beasts, but we did. We basically all had to move out of the center and attack them.

Resting - After that last difficult battle, we decided to use that room to rest. We discovered a puppy of the creatures and yes, the party is going to attempt to train it. While resting, we heard someone coming down from the hall. Everyone got into positions (Micah up on the wall above the door) and expected the worst. In comes a halfling riding a blink dog and wearing the symbol of Myruun. Our archer fails his will check to stop his ready action from happening and shoots the guy with an arrow. The blink away. Oops.
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