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World's Largest Dungeon: Goblins and More Goblins!

We had another good and long D&D session. Here are the highlights!

Bugbear Battle - It began with a battle of the bugbears. 20 of them came marching in and, well, our party wasn't exactly smart about it. They came marching down a 20ft wide hallway and Cashel and Micah blocked the way while Jaden got the cart and mules to a safe spot. Then we would fall back into the checker room to have more room to fight.

So we weren't the smartest. By the time Micah realized that maybe it would be a better idea to use the hallway to their advantage. . .it was a bit too late. Oh well!

The battle was a difficult one, but not overly so. Which was especially nice as some of the earlier and smaller battles seemed a little too easy and so this was good in my opinion. Micah got some good hits in thanks to Ashlyn empowering his strength. Cashel did the most damage on his own. . .cleave is a great thing for him to have. Ashlyn did a lot of healing, almost died, saved Micah and Erin from death, used a fireball spell, and did another spell that sucked health from everyone and healed herself with.

Erin and Jaden? Not really their battle. Can't be epic heroes in every battle I guess. Jaden did have an amusing moment, however. He found himself in melee with two of the bugbears in the back and by the cart. He was in desperate need of a melee weapon. (I thought he had a dagger or two. Hmm. . .) Since he was buy the cart he would reach in and grab something, hoping for the best.

Our mighty DM had him roll two d20s to randomize it and then let Jaden pick which of the two he pulled out. Options included manacles, short sword, two handed axe, long spear, ect. I liked the two handed axe as we imagined it would be like reaching in quickly with one hand and yanking, confusion, and having to grab it with two hands to pull it free. Until he got the two handed long spear he was basically throwing the items at the Bugbears. Ha ha.

We did come out of it victorious! It wasn't easy, but who wants to always have easy battles?

The Aftermath - As we began to collect things and finish up, we heard the goblins marching up the hallway. They headed into a hidden door that the party passed by and we could hear the slaughtering of other Bugbears. This made Erin and Cashel uneasy and they pleaded with the goblins a bit. Micah didn't care. . .

Forgiveness - After resting, the party headed on again. Erin tried confronting Micah who wanted nothing to do with her. She kept asking questions and arguing that they might as well work together since there is safety in numbers. Micah agreed and he already knew this. This is why he didn't just storm off from the others. Micah added, "I will do whatever necessary to defend myself." That line apparently earned Erin's trust and she handed over her silver dagger. Later in exchange, Micah gave her a dagger that casts poison.

He's not a dagger fighter and if Erin is going to focus on daggers, better her to have it.

Labyrinth - The party moved on and entered a labyrinth. Shortly after wandering around, Erin tried marking their path with some charcoal. . .but the marks never remained. Cue Jaden spitting on the wall and staring at it a bit. As he explained, "Well, I was thinking maybe the wall absorbed it or something!"

More wandering and some arguing on which way to go. Eventually they reach a door! They knock! A familiar goblin answers the door! Damnit

They try the labyrinth again. More arguing and more wandering. Eventually they reach another door and enter a small room. There is a trap door in the center of the room and a tapestry on the back wall. Micah takes it and after much searching, the party finds a hidden door. They go through it.

The Heretics - They enter into another room and find a small band of goblins. Before the party really gets a chance to talk, the band fights. The goblins aren't much of a match for our party and as Micah explains, "We don't want to slaughter you!" Eventually the fighting stops and the goblins take the party to their king. Micah is not amused and doesn't really care to meet with another king.

This got amusing as without thinking, Cashel's player asks, "So are you the heretics we heard about?" After we explained why that's a bad idea, the party proceeded to speak with the king (without calling them all heretics) and offered to trade. One thing lead to another and the king took the arrival of the party as a blessing from their god. The goblins put on a large party and the group danced, drank, and ate. They stayed with the goblins for a week as Erin wanted to construct a new weapon for herself. After the week was over, the party left and went on their way. . .being lead back through the labyrinth.

Broken Deal - Upon reaching back where they started, they run into the original goblins who became suspicious as to where the party has been. They exited the labyrinth, the way to the heretics, and had been gone for a whole week. The party is forced to meet with the king who notices a familiar truth-telling ring on Erin's hand. The king begins to question them and accusing them of going against their deal and aiding their enemies. The group tries to talk their way out of it, but Erin can't lie. As a result, the king declares that the party must die.

We will begin our next session with a battle.
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