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Shit Our Players Say

We got some D&D in this weekend! Here are some things that were said:

Archer (Player): I'm going to throw the sword at the ogre!
Pirate (Player): You can't throw a sword and there are no ogres. Basically, that doesn't make any sense!

Pirate (Player): I am going to mark our path on the wall with some charcoal.
GOD: Okay, but when you look back it's gone.
Archer (Player): I spit on the wall!
Everyone: . . .
Archer (Player): And I watch it.
GOD: Okay. It dribbles down.
Archer (Player): Well, I was thinking maybe the wall absorbed it or something!

Archer (Player): Actually, his character doesn't seem like the type who would drink!
GOD: He got drunk and killed a guy once!
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