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Last week and the weekend was pretty busy.  One thing I hadn't mentioned was that Tuesday night was my last Group Therapy session.  Pretty much everyone but myself is continuing with "self lead" which I don't feel right doing.  For reasons.  Group therapy has helped me greatly and if I am still here for the next program that the therapist is apart of, I will consider it.  There are five programs overall and I have gone through two of them.

Tuesday evening was also when my apartment notified me telling me that they would be doing a bed bug treatment Thursday morning.  Spike in the stress meter as that was pretty short notice!  To prepare for the treatment, I had to bag everything and push everything (including furniture) to the center of the rooms.  I was given 5 hours to do this.  (Adem helped me, thank goodness.)

Of course, this also meant I needed to figure something out with my cat.  I was lucky in that work allowed me to bring her and <a href="" target=_blank>she spent Thursday at work with me</a>.  My apartment still isn't all put back together, but guess what I am doing tonight and tomorrow and probably Wednesday?  I am excited to have a bedroom again.  I just need to buy sheets Wednesday.

There was no D&D this weekend, but of course we talked about it a lot.  Adem came down Friday and Saturday we headed to San Luis Obispo for an engagement party.  One of Adem's friends is engaged and so we stayed in SLO Saturday night.  I drank so much wine, wow.  I'm not usually a wine fan, but enjoy Riesling sometimes.  That night I had a Pinot Gris that I also liked and drank a lot of.  Not enough to get drunk or anything!

Played games that night too.  Big fan of Wise or Otherwise now.

Both Adem and I took Monday off from work so we could recover from the weekend.  Random note, we've been together for 4 months so far and everything is still good!
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