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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Me: Those are all Gundams. Adem: There is a Windmill?! Me: Yes! Of course! Adem: There shouldn't be!
  • Rise of the Guardians needs to be on DVD now so that I may watch it over and over again already.
  • I. . .was not aware I would be GIVING an interview. I thought I was just sitting in on one. Welp. I am not prepared at all.
  • I tried to doodle a picture of Adem and ended up with Tony Stark that has Adem's haircut.
  • In my defense, I was watching Iron Man 2 on my lunch break.
  • That might not be much of a defense, but I am sticking with it.
  • CW: Which production order do I fill out? Me: Web Production and Trafficking. CW: How would I know that? Me: . . .Because it's for the web.
  • Red Vines are terrible. By terrible I mean so addicting and tempting.
  • I always hate asking AEs what browser they are using. 7/10 times they don't know what a browser is.
  • "I am using Yahoo." "I am using MSN." /SIGH
  • I am so hungry and all I have are cookies, red vines, and chocolate. I want none of these things.
  • If God created me like a D&D character, he made CON my dump stat
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