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For the Non-Tumblr Folk

A little back story first. The crazy tumblrnutz who are all, "SOCIAL JUSTICE POWERS!" are all about harassing and verbally abusing other Tumblr users. A young woman made a post about how she isn't bothered by the harassment she gets and posted a few pictures of herself smiling and even making a heart symbol with her hands..

The reason the Tumblr SJ community hates her is because she is white, wears a bindi, has feather earrings, and also wears a circumscribed pentagram. (This symbol if you are unfamiliar with it.)

It's the same old shit, but. . .I couldn't help but be amused by one person who came to the OP's defense. They stated:

"I find it amusing how someone mistook the Star of David for a Pentagram. Person, the Pentagram is the Star of David...upside down. As you can see, that’s right side up. If you’re going to be a condescending little bitch, at least get your facts straight.

I decided to take the Star of David:

And turn it upside down:

Because I got curious.

Yes. I am easily amused.

To quote a favorite Tumlbr user of mine: "Yeah but now [SJWs] believe no element from a foreign culture should ever leave that culture, be it fashion or cuisine or language. They support segregation, which is hilarious considering how they insist everyone else is racist."
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