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I am looking close to a cost that is equal to 1/3rd of my monthly income to help Fleece.

The tumor on the inside of her leg doesn't seem to be attached to anything (like muscle) and so it shouldn't be too difficult to remove. Though, it was discovered that she needs to have one of her canine teeth removed as well. It's not doing so well. She got an antibiotic shot to help.

So for today, we did some blood work and an x-ray to see if she is fit for surgery. Turns out her kidneys aren't doing the best either and I guess her heart looks enlarged? She is having someone else look at it to see if it is a concern.

I got her some different food to help her kidneys. They said she should be all right to go through the surgery which I would like to do. It's all a matter of timing it out with paychecks. I won't know until next week.

The cost of today was pricey for me. So much so that I basically have $0 until the 5th when I am paid again. Which sucks with timing since I am going out of town this weekend. And not to Santa Cruz like normal.

So, I guess we'll see.
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