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World's Largest Dungeon: Chaotic Neutral? No. Chaotic Pissed Off.

Oh, gaming. Two sessions over the holiday and much has happened. We also ended on a very tense moment! Brace yourself for a very long post ahead.

Our party was in desperate need of water and the search continued. We couldn't rest and our cleric's spells were dwindling. I can't quite remember the exact order of events, but here are the highlights!

CALLED IT! - A particular room the party comes to had a set of double doors leading into it. Micah noticed the holes along the north and south walls. (They came in from the south.) The north wall didn't seem "attached" and there was a lonely door to the east. Hmmm.

Micah makes the assumption that spikes must come out of the holes and the wall moves to crush whoever is in it. Wanting to examine the room, he gets the bright idea to jam open the set of doors in the south so that if needed, they could run out to safety.

They search the room and go to the other door. Ashlyn and Erin are waiting outside with the cart just in case. They get to the door and try to open it. They can't AND the trap is set off!

The double doors break what was jammed in them, slam shut, and lock. Spikes come out and the wall begins to move to crush Jaden, Cashel, and Micah. The two tough guys (Micah and Cashel) work together to break down the door and they topple into a small room just in time. Now the door is blocked by a solid block of granite.

And they are stuck in a tiny room with three dead elves.


But Micah totally called it!

They search the tiny room, they try pushing on the wall, and Micah tried seeing if there was a way to "reset" the trap. No luck.

The trap did eventually reset and the block moved away and the group was able to escape with some good treasure from the elves!

Wand Room - Temptation is high when the group enters a room with 100 wands held to the walls by magic. The walls are also covered in moss. Micah finds a trap on one wand, but not the next. Jaden snags it and is cursed! Oops. Best to leave this place.

Vines and Acid - There is a room covered in vines and a pedestal with an idol on it. I honestly can't remember WHY, but everyone in the group decided to leave. Maybe so Erin could try and get the idol by using rope. She did, but the vines shriveled up revealing writing on the walls. What Erin could see then shot acid at her and brings her down into the negatives.

Ow. Ashlyn revives her.

Erin heads in to grab the idol, but when she turns around she is looking at writing she hadn't looked at before. It shoots more acid.

Ashlyn was not amused.

Water! Sort of. . . - The party stumbles into a room with a well. Even with the trap, the group managed to get up some water and Micah realized that the water was contaminated with arsenic. Ashlyn was able to purify it though, but Micah wants a clean source of water. At least they have water now.

The Button - My favorite moment! Our party comes to a room. A giant pit of a room. There are spikes at the bottom along with a lot of snakes! There is a small ledge around the edge of the room, a door across the way, and a shiny button on our side.

So tempting to push the button.

Micah gets the idea to climb the wall and get to the door on the other side. He scouts on ahead to see if it is worth trying to figure out how to cross, but doesn't find much. Just what looks like a long dark hallway and he doesn't want to get too far from the group.

The others are discussing their options and Micah returns. Erin wants to cross by using her keen sense of balance to see for herself. Jaden wants to push the button to see what happens.

BUT WHAT IF. . .the button causes the floor to rise and bringing the spikes and snakes up?! What good will that do? OR WHAT IF. . .it is a trap in some other way?

Jaden tries to push the button and Erin fires off an arrow at his hand barely missing it, but managing to stop the archer from proceeding. They argue and Erin threatens to hit him all together if he pushes it as she doesn't want to die. More arguing, but finally Erin gets her way and everyone starts back.

Or so she thought. All this arguing got Micah curious and as everyone starts back, he opens the door and pushes the button!

And a stone bridge extends almost all the way to the other door. Micah is able to fix it to complete the bridge.

Yeah. . .

Mirror Mirror - Once the bridge was formed, Jaden and Micah scouted on ahead. Since the bridge wouldn't be able to support the cart full of stuff, it would take a lot of trips hand carrying the equipment and everything over.

The scouting group reaches a mirror room. Jaden steps in and walks along running his hands along the mirrors. The door slams closed leaving Jaden cut off from everyone. It's locked and Micah just pounds on the door calling the other man's name.

The mirror room is large and has several doors. All of them are locked. Jaden searches the room and the group works on coming up with a way to save their archer. No luck. 24 hours pass and Jaden hears a "click." He tries a door and finds that it opens!

The brilliant idea now is for Jaden and Micah to head in to the room. Micah can find traps so he must be able to figure out how this room locks, right? Maybe not so much.

The two head in and sure enough, they get locked in. Micah spends time searching the room, but seems to be having Jaden's luck. It isn't until several hours later that he discovers that one of the mirrors on the wall can be moved and behind it is a lever. The lever unlocks the doors. Hooray!

The mirror room becomes their safe room.

Don't Tell The Pirate - One room they come across is quite suspicious. A series of disks, supported by springs, seems to be the way across. The room itself also seems eroded, like if acid had poured in at one point. Clearly IT'S A TRAP! Erin jumps to the first platform and Ashlyn suggests that the climber of the group should just go across and see. Micah begins to wonder, "Do I have to?"

Micah goes on ahead and climbs across. Along the way he can spot where acid or whatever caused the erosion comes in. Heading through the door and hallway, Micah then finds himself in a room that has flecks of gold and a bunch of dead goblins. It is obvious the goblins were originally there to mine for gold, but something killed them.

He takes his time exploring the room, but finding nothing of value (in his mind), he heads back to the group and tells them it is only a dead end. Micah REALLY wants to keep it a secret from Erin, knowing that the greedy pirate would probably try to spend as much time in there as possible. . .and whatever had killed the goblins would probably kill them.

Hot and Rot - Just wanted to mention two rooms that each contained a scroll. Micah called them "Hot and Rot" because while examining the doors he could tell that one room was very hot and the other room smelled like death.

Water! Finally! - Near Hot and Rot, the party comes across a door that has water coming out from under the door. First Micah is excited! Then he gets curious. WHAT IF. . .when they open the door a bunch of water rushes out on them?

Everyone moves to safety and after Erin unlocks the door, Cashel opens it. The door rests a few feet above the floor of the room and the room is filled with ice cold water. The ceiling has stalactite-like features that are dripping with water. In the center is a shiny and glowing yellow gem. Cashel, without alerting the others, decides to wade through to the gem! Not hearing any rushing water, Erin calls out from their safe place and Cashel mentions what he is doing. The party hurries over to watch with Erin and Micah in the doorway.

Cashel grabs the gem and lightning strikes! He's also in water. And he goes under. The party rushes in to save him, get the gem, and leave, but not before Erin decides to wash up. . .

Books! - The party discovers two rooms with books! The first they were able to learn that this dungeon acts as a celestial prison, created to hold the world's strongest demons. All right then! The second room of books, however, isn't as helpful because of one greedy person. They enter the room with more books and Erin spots something shiny under a desk chair. She grabs it and all the books, map, and paper goes up in flames. Micah is not amused. Erin ends up with a shiny broach.

Lawful Angel - A beautiful room with a very life like statue of an angel with a spear. The group examines the angel and at the base appears to be a declaration by the angel. It vows to guard to prison and destroy all chaos. Micah isn't amused and keeps his distance while the others consider taking the spear. Cashel says a prayer and takes it without any problem, but Erin is curious and takes it. She is electrocuted! They leave with Cashel holding onto the spear.

Bastard Sword - Micah triggered a trap, fell in a pit, but got a bastard sword he doesn't know how to use. He's keeping it because fuck you, Erin.

Chaotic Pissed Off - Finally we come to where we ended. Our party comes across to an area where there is a checker floor and across the way is a spear on the wall. Erin tries using her rope skill to lasso the spear and with all her strength. . .breaks the rope. Micah thought, "Well! Screw it." and steps on a black square.

A net flies out and Micah manages to avoid being grappled. He ends up with a net caught around his weapon instead and Erin really really wants the net. "Trade me for your silver dagger!" She won't give it up and Micah cuts up the net. Not like he wants a net and, well, fuck you Erin.

She's not amused. Micah is not amused.

Micah spots a square in the corner that appears to lift up. He heads over and finds a panel of buttons under it and attempts to figure it out. Erin comes an aides him while Cashel is still looking over the spear on the wall. After several failed tries and both of them getting hurt, Micah decides that this isn't "fun" and starts off. Of course, by process of elimination, Erin then figures it out.

The portion of the wall the spear is on opens up and reveals two hidden daggers. Cashel collects them and Ashlyn detects magic, determining that one is a bane dagger against chaotic outsiders and the other is against lawful outsiders. Feeling generous, Cashel offers to give each Erin and Micah a dagger for being the two to figure out the puzzle. Micah being closer, gets first pick. . .and he collects the one against lawful outsiders.

Erin of course believes she should get both of them because she specializes in daggers and once again, Micah offers to trade for her silver dagger. No deal and they begin arguing about it. Erin wants it in case Micah turns on them and Micah claims he won't and wants it for his own peace of mind. I don't remember quite all was said, but I (the player) was also getting really fucking frustrated and struggling to "stay in character" as opposed to fighting with the player personally. Ashlyn intervened and got Micah to shut up and I (the player) was able to just let go of being angry.

Later, Erin's player wanted to make sure I personally wasn't angry and I waved it off and let it go. But reflecting on it later when I was alone, I began to get frustrated again. Some of the things Erin's Player was saying could be taken easily out of character too which is why it was a struggle for me not to just argue with the player about it.

It probably doesn't help that this particular player frustrates me off and on again while gaming anyway. Specifically when things aren't going their way.

Anyway, Micah is pretty pissed off with Erin and her attitude, He's also not exactly pleased with Ashlyn since he feels she took Erin's side. (She's supposed to take HIS side, right? Ha ha.) He is also upset in general since this is the exact thing he was trying to get away from and why he headed into the dungeon in the first place. Now he feels stuck and it will be interesting to play. I knew eventually his darker side would come out eventually.

The next session begins with a large battle as a party did trigger an alarm when exploring the checker room!
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