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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I bought more blankets because Adem and I seem to have trouble sharing. I woke up cold last night because he took ALL the blankets.
  • Every time a manager gets a great idea to spam our viewers I want to cry. No, we can't do that, geezus.
  • Saw Rise of the Guardians. So better than Wreck-it Ralph. Even with the one cliche moment I am so tired of seeing.
  • Cranberries and horseradish is actually yummy.
  • Not only did I forget my dice, the "set" I am borrowing is broken up. Bad luck, man. Bad luck.
  • Adem: sorry, I just want to touch you. NC: I want to touch Ani to-- THAT SHIRT IS REALLY SOFT
  • Me: Those are all Gundams. Adem: There is a Windmill?! Me: Yes! Of course! Adem: There shouldn't be!
Not much because of the Holidays!
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