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Past several days have been excellent over all. First, thanks for all the love about Fleece. Haven't noticed a significant change with her recently, will update Wednesday.

Adem came up Wednesday and Thursday we went to Santa Cruz. We saw Rise of the Guardians which, okay. Without spoiling anything: IT IS AMAZING. I have been excited since the previews. I was excited to see Santa and Jack most of all and honestly wasn't sure about the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Wow. I love all the guardians. And the kids. And the yetis and the elves! All the guardians are interesting and have great personalities. They all shine in their own way. I definitely can't pick a favorite!

I spent Thanksgiving dinner with Adem and his family. A younger brother (college age) and his parents. It was very nice and good food! Also, watched the 1995 TV series version of Pride and Prejudice. I really enjoyed it!

There was gaming and there was shopping. I got Season 3 and Season 4 box sets of Fringe for $20 total! YES.

So, since Wednesday evening through today (Sunday) evening, I have spent all my time with Adem. (As well as other people of course!) That's the longest we have spent together consecutively and I can honestly say I don't feel like I need a "break" from him like I have with other people in the past. When I needed to work on something, it was like no big deal and he had stuff of his own to work on.

This week I will be sitting on interviews for my boss' replacement. The one I am favoring right now based on resumes is tomorrow, actually. Tuesday is my last day of group therapy and while it has been a great experience, I am so thankful to have my Tuesday nights back. Since I am use to having something to do between "6:30 to 9:00" I plan on using Tuesday nights as art nights, because I need that in my life. NEED.
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