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World's Largest Dungeon: Erin Gets Fucked

A shorter than usual session, but still enjoyable!

Micah is woken up by Ashlyn in the middle of the night because there was something outside their door. Micah sneaks over, smells, and makes the conclusion that it must be a Bugbear resetting the traps outside. He decides to go ahead and take a peek and sure enough, he can spot a Bugbear. (Move silently and hide checks, success!)

He decides to set up a trap on the door, but struggles to do it quietly. (Second move silently check, fail.) This attracts the Bugbears (Micah had only seen one) and they bust open the door. Amusing moment of Micah being hit by a door in the middle of his trap making and then being attacked by spears.

Thankfully, none of the attacks hit! Until a Bugbear bull rushes Micah and sends him back into Jaden who falls over. Good start to a battle.

After defeating the Bugbears and getting rest, they head off again. A mission to find water!

The Goblins who could speak common mentioned that their water source was "North in Bugbear territory." We head off North. Might I add that Micah is doing a better job at trap finding and disarming this time?

Amusing moment: We came across some more Goblins, heading back from the North. None could speak common and no one in the party can speak Goblin, so Micah improvised with hand signals and such. Pretending to drink, dry mouth, and that sort of thing. And of course I did this instead of describing what Micah is doing. Surprisingly, Erin's player thought I/Micah was being a bit ridiculous. But wha-at?! How else are we going to communicate to those we don't share a language with? I thought it was pretty obvious and hey! Also fitting for Micah to find it perfectly natural to respond to a situation like that.

The Goblins make a couple of gestures that Micah interpreted to be, "North and then west." The party didn't find water and instead, found traps!

The was the fire room. Blink dogs and wolves were charred and in a pile in the back. A tile in the floor would set off a fireball trap which we did so a few times. Nothing of much interest here. . .

Another room was what appeared to be some holy room. Four columns in a room covered with metal. At the center was a 3ft golden idol. Micah did a major search for traps and was unable to detect the one important one. Cashel decides to pick up the idol which triggers the trap. . .lightening bolts shoot out and hit every one. Micah and Ashlyn get it the worst and fall into negatives. Ouch.

They rest in the room and heal. EVERYONE LEAVES! Except for Erin, who really wants that golden idol. She gets some rope and devices a plan to pull it out of the room. . .she isn't strong enough. Micah! Being one of the two strongest characters in the group offers to help her in exchange for that silver dagger.

She declines.

Micah cuts the rope instead.

The party comes across two more rooms. One that contained a book and a golden ring. Erin was quick to grab the ring and claim it for herself. Ashlyn was able to detect magic on it too. Micah was a bit annoyed by this behavior and coaxed Erin to putting it on, hoping for some "interesting" magic effect. As far as Micah knows, the only thing the ring does is. . .not come off. Damn.

I the player, however, laughed my ass off. The ring makes it so Erin cannot tell a lie. (Welp, there goes your bluff ability!) It will also compel her to behavior as lawful good. Fantastic!

The next room is a bit interesting and was a bit difficult to get to. Color tiles on the floor, a tapestry on the wall with some sort of symbol the party can't read, and a diagram on the wall. Erin tries to interpret the diagram and what she gathers is you have to jump on certain color tiles in a certain pattern. This. . .is a lie. Oops!

Following the directions leads to Erin being injured by fire damage, losing speed, and. . .something else. It depended on what color tiles she jumped to. She was determined that it must mean treasure is at the end of this puzzle, but finds herself on a platform before the tapestry.

She steals it.

I mentioned kind of wanting to put it on and as we were rapping up the sessions, our mighty DM asks for clarification. . ."Didn't someone want to wear it or something?"

Erin had claimed it and so Erin would be the one to put it on. She does so and it becomes a flexible breastplate.

That can't be removed.

Not necessarily a bad thing except for those in classes wear medium or heavier armor is a bad thing. While it is flexible and can be slept in, the breast plate still counts as a medium armor. Erin's player was planning on becoming a prestige class that has a skill needing light to no armor for a bonus. The greediness of this character fucked over the character build the player had in mind.

DM is going to work in a way to help, though. Hopefully we can get that armor on someone else who could use it like our Cleric or Archer.
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