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World's Largest Dungeon: Goblins, Puppies, and Traps! Oh my!

Hooray! The party enters a new section of the dungeon!

So as a recap the party consists of a mix of people. We have an archer, fighter, strong meat shield, and a cleric. And we also have my lovely Micah, the scout. The one to find and disable traps and a look-out for the party. Poor Micah. . .

The group ventures down a hallway after unlocking a metal door. It opens into a large room with Micah in lead. He steps into the room and a trap is set off! Micah takes a javelin in the gut. What a fantastic start! Being reminded of his job, Micah begins examining the room for traps as they go. He finds another trip wire! Cue quick amusing exchange: "I can just step over it right?" "Yes. But the cart can't." "DAMNIT!"

The room had six traps in all. Micah disabled some before triggering another in the process and getting darts shot at him. Jaden got the great idea of sliding the javelin that had hit Micah earlier across the floor to trigger the rest. Phew! There were two other doors in that room. One that lead to a storage room and one that continued on!

The party enters a hallway and discovers writing on the wall. They can tell it is Goblin, but cannot understand what it says. Soon they run into several Goblins, organized together, and aiming spears at them. They aren't attacking, but definitely in position to do so if needed. Micah rambles off in common, draconic, and finally in dwarven, "Can anyone understand me?" More Goblins show up and one can finally speak common.

The Goblins take the group to the Goblin King who presents an interesting task for them if they want to help. An important artifact went missing and they would appreciate help in finding it. There is also the issue of Bugbears causing problems for them by setting up traps all around this area of the dungeon. They would especially like it if we were to take care of them. Finally. . .we are told there is a band of heretics to the East and they want us to kill them. Interesting!

What would we get? Treasure of course! And Jaden asks if they have some sort of mount we could get as well. Goblins typically use worgs and the Goblin King suggested giving us a pup to train. Cue the players getting excited about the idea of having a puppy!

Puppies > Treasure.

On our way back out we find a heretic prisoner and try to ask it a few questions. The prisoner viewed the others as heretics and that's when we discovered this is truly a holy war. We start out after we are given a map of their "kingdom" finding ourselves in long corridor that branches off into more and more hallways. We follow along the perimeter and Micah becomes shaken. At the North between each hallway, they find a sigil carved in each section of the wall and the outline of what looks like a door. When Cashel touches it, it glows a faint green and nothing happens when the others touch it. We tried touching the four sigils at the same time, but nothing happened.

Cashel is determined to figure this out and even takes his pick to the stone only for it to just bounce off. Micah is eager to leave feeling uneasy in the area and the party is slowly feeling worse and worse. (Negative energy slowly dealing damage) Cashel snaps at Micah, telling him to just leave which leaves Micah startled. He was about to leave off on his own when Jaden voiced in that he wanted to go too. Yikes!

I know Micah triggers a few more traps including taking a poison dart and having rocks fall on top of him as they continue. Now they find a room that has evidence of fire damage. Only an urn in the back seems untouched by the fire and Micah declares, "Everyone! I am willing to bet that there is a fire trap here!" He begins to search by starting in the door way, but Cashel decides to walk on in. Nothing happens, nothing happens, he picks up the urn, and something happens!

He gets shot by a dart.

And the urn is just full of sand. The party takes it anyway.

But no trap can compare to this one. . .

When they are on the move once again, Micah is in the lead and momentarily forgets to look for traps. . .again. He starts through a hallway when suddenly! A metal gate crashes down and barely misses him. He is now trapped in a room and separated from the rest of his party. Without any time to consider his situation, more traps go off as darts wiz by him, also barely missing him as they do. A chain shoots up in an attempt to trip him, hitting him, but Micah stays on his feet only to get clotheslined by a spike chain. Ouch! And I want to say something also hit him in the head during all that.

Micah somehow survived all that and Ashlyn was able to heal him just fine. Micah and Cashel then teamed up to lift up the metal gate so that he could be free. Micah is desperate in finding some place to rest. . .they decide on that lovely storage room they found in the beginning.

More trap searching, more trap searching, more trap searching. They reach the first room and step in. . .to discover all the traps had been reset and Micah takes a javelin to the gut. Again.

Poor guy.

We left off with them resting in the storage room.
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