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World's Largest Dungeon: Micah's Secret Revealed

Oh god. D&D adventures! Lots of stuff happened this past weekend! I will break it into two parts for better organizing. Hooray for LJ entry scheduling!

I left off with Micah venturing off on his own and bad stuff happening. The party wakes up and Micah's eyes are still shadowed and wispy. There wasn't much questioning on it except a "Are you all right?" which Micah was happy to answer with, "Of course!" They venture off! Some things that happened. . .

The Lizard People - One room the party came across was inhabited by two lizard-men, a druid with a snake and a ranger. After a short exchange, the lizard-men join up with them. Hooray! Allies!

The Rune Rooms - I forgot to mention it before, but we kept finding rooms with a rune on the door and the room had a panel in the middle of it. Standing on it caused an elemental effect on those on the panel or those in the room. We found another one this session, a fire one. Micah gets a bad feeling about these rooms and didn't participate in any of them. What ended up happening is Cashel, our knight, gained fire resistance from standing on the fire panel for a period of time. This added to his ice resistance he gained from another room during a different session. There was another room with a rune on it and the room was filled with fog and had sparks of electricity. Cashel was unable to find a panel to stand on though.

Three Silver Daggers - The party comes across a hallway that just takes them in a circle. At one point there is a panel on the floor with a crescent moon and Micah decides to step on it. He vanishes in front of the party and finds himself in a small room that has a few dead orcs and no air. Literally. Cashel and Jaden soon follow and Micah begins to panic until he notices the panel below them. He steps off and on again and finds himself back where he started. Wonderful and glorious air!

Cashel and Jaden follow Micah's lead and Jaden gets an idea! He decides to hold his breath and go back in to try and see if there is any loot worthy of taking in the room. Cashel agrees to help and Micah. . .Micah likes air more and chooses to stay behind. Cashel and Jaden manage to find three silver daggers and return with the loot. Jaden declares to the party that they only found three daggers, but Cashel mentions to another party member that they found three silver daggers.

Micah's ears perk up. "Silver?!"

Without any prompting, Jaden sighs and decides to hand one of them over to Micah and reasons that because the three of them were the ones to enter the room, they should each get one of the silver daggers. Micah isn't at all satisfied and considers maybe trying to loot the other two at a later time. He is very uneasy about the idea of the others having silver weapons even though he knows of the potential battle with Longtail, a lycanthrope rat.

Micah opts for an easier approach. He figures he has no chance at getting the one from Cashel and instead tries to offer up a trade for Jaden's. He has a potion of levitation after all, something that could be quite nice for an archer to use. Jaden doesn't make the trade, asks "Why?" several times, and gets no real answer out of Micah.

The Owl Bears - Micah kept trying to avoid the room where he met with Longtail and managed to do so well. Plenty of dungeon to explore and all. Of course. . .he happens to find a secret door that leads them right into that very room! Oops! Thankfully for Micah, Longtail is nowhere to be found. The floating spheres are still there and after the party tries to figure it out with a game of, "Close the door and open the door!" again and again they enter and finally learn its secret.

The floating spheres come together and form a portal. From the portal emerges a fiendish Owl Bear and a battle begins! It takes some work, but the group brings down the Owl Bear. During the battle Micah learns that his dagger he managed to snag from an early dungeon trap is actually a dagger that casts a poison spell on the opponent. Fantastic!

The party moves on and Micah catches the sound of another Owl Bear. They creep onward and Micah moves up to an open door where he spots the fiend. He closes the door quickly and the group hurries off!

Longtail's Teeth and Tail - Moving onward, the group enters a large and long room. Stone columns along either side and there is a portal down at the end. The group begins to examine the room and that's when a familiar creature for Micah attacks him! A little yellow imp that was Longtail's familiar, Aschyxx, appears and stings Micah. It goes invisible, but Micah is determined to find it and kill the stupid thing!

Cashel gets annoyed and wants to leave this "wild goose chase," but Micah won't let up. Out of anger, "We must kill it and take it's head!"

"Its head? How rude!" Enters Longtail.

Both Longtail and his familiar have the ability to turn invisible, making the fight a frustrating one indeed. Micah remains determined and can thankfully sniff the rat out. Longtail casts fireball on the majority of the party and after some hesitation, Micah calls out to the party to draw their silver daggers if they have them and that Longtail is a lycanthrope.

With our archer in the back and fighting from afar (being stung by the familiar who is zapping his DEX away bit by bit!), he attempts to help by throwing his silver dagger to Erin for her to use. His throw falls short and Micah makes a decision to give up his own. He hurries to Erin and hands off his silver dagger. Longtail had gone invisible again and with the impending doom of another fireball spell, she bolts off to try and get the party spread out.

I was actually playing as Erin since her player was absent and the square I selected for her to occupy, well! The DM made a adorable startled face and declared, "Well, she plows right into him!" She tries to attack, but misses. But, yeah. They ended up squeezing the same square! Nice!

Micah makes the choice to change into his hybrid form. This is why he handed his dagger off knowing that he could attack unarmed this way while also giving another party member a chance to hurt Longtail. Micah continues his pursuit of Longtail and another Fireball attack sends Erin into the negatives. Our poor cleric is uncomfortable by Micah who is standing between her and Erin. She manages to reach Erin even while going the long way around avoid being near the werewolf. Spear pointed at him the whole time.

During this battle, the druid lizardman did use a flaming sphere spell that did damage on Longtail and the party got a few attacks in. Erin is revived and she along with Cashel and Micah get Longtail backed up against the wall. Longtail tries to turn invisible, fails, and the three get an attack all at the same time and Longtail falls dead! As a "battle trophy" of sorts, Micah takes some of his teeth and tail at the disgust of Ashlyn.

They find a key in a back room and head off to a new section of the dungeon!
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