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World's Largest Dungeon: Bad Ideas

Note: Changing all my D&D plot posts to include "World's Largest Dungeon" and I am tagging it as such. This is for any of my followers who are interested in World's Largest Dungeon setting and our game itself. :3

Anyway, Thursday we had a mini session that was filled with battles! Those Darkmantles don't seem so bad now with higher AC. (Hurrah!) And I much prefer them over those things that suck constitution.

I seriously don't remember fighting ANY monster in 2nd ed that took away STR or CON during battle. Ouch. That was years ago though.

Twice while battling (TWICE!) I rolled a 1 on my attack. ._. When rolling to see if I drop my weapon or something, I would then roll a 20. TWICE. 1 and then 20. 1 and then 20. ARGH! I mean, hooray for not dropping my weapon either time!

So, yeah. Mostly fighting and not much RPing which, if you didn't think fighting was fun too. . .table top RPing is probably not right for you. Ha. It was fun entering battle after battle. (But this means no funny character convos to share. I have a feeling next session will be different. You'll see why.)

The party did find two interesting rooms that made Micah uncomfortable. Had runes or some kind of language written on it and for Micah it seemed eerie. He stayed away while the others went off to examine it. . .setting off traps that injured, healed, and even concealed them in ice for a brief moment.

Micah is perfectly fine with missing out on that. Especially since he got himself into his own sort of trouble later that night and almost died because of it.

Couldn't get the group together this weekend, but there were two things I wanted to play out without the party being present. This is because I don't want the players knowing that Micah is a lycanthrope until he changes in front of their characters.

Anyway. . .

On a night watch, Micah takes the opportunity to leave and search for Longtail which I had mentioned in my last post.

Setting up a trap to hopefully "protect" the party if anyone came in, he heads off. As soon as he is outside of the room, he takes on a hybrid form and continues on. Being alone in the dungeon is pretty damn dangerous. . .he isn't that stupid and that's why he went hybrid.

No random encounters!

Micah was able to find Longtail's scent and track it to a room where Longtail was sitting. There were also floating orbs were about the room.

Longtail spoke of needing Micah's help. He was trying to open a portal to another plane, but needed someone to "stabilize it" from the other side so he could return. Micah asked some questions, wanting to make sure he could return to the dungeon, that he didn't need to be a sorcerer, and "Why couldn't you get one of your lackeys to do it?" He also asked what was in it for him, but Micah isn't really motivated much by wealth or anything. Longtail promised unlimited power and (if I remember right) said he could leave the dungeon.

Even though the rewards weren't really anything to spike Micah's interest, he agreed to help anyway. 1. Because he didn't think he would run into another lycanthrope so soon and so this was very interesting to him in itself. 2. He's feeling a bit lonely as he believes that eventually the party will reject him when they discover his secret. . .so why not help a fellow lycan?

He passes through the portal and is quickly attacked by a shadowy figure about the size of a bear. They fight and at first seemed somewhat equal matched and barely doing any damage on each other. (Mainly because of Micah's damage reduction in hybrid form and his claws not doing that much damage.) Then the foe grapples Micah and that's when he begins losing strength and failing at getting free.

When the darkness around them fades a bit, Micah notices a large figure in the back of the room he is apparently in. A Nightwalker is in the back.

At that moment Longtail steps through and his motive is revealed as he declares, "I brought you a sacrifice!"


Things look pretty grim and Micah can't still get free. (KEPT ROLLING 3s AND 6s!!! THE HELL.) A bright light suddenly shines through the portal and what is holding Micah just dissolves. Longtail reacts to it and seems distracted with it. Micah makes a bolt for the portal and jumps through it before it closes, getting hurt in the process.

Landing back in the dungeon, he finds the room swirling with debris and stones. He runs out quickly and manages to avoid getting hit by anything flying around. (Hooray for high reflex!)

The everlasting torch seems much brighter than before, but Micah is more concerned to get back to the others quickly and alive.

No random encounters! Micah makes it back okay.

Of course, when Micah returns he discovers he was gone a lot longer than planned and Ashlyn is awake for her watch and spell preparation.

She is not at all amused with Micah's disappearance.

Micah tries to rationalize his vanishing act as dealing with danger elsewhere in the dungeon. He explains he smelled something dangerous and went off to take care of it, but Ashlyn is not accepting that explanation at all.

In getting whatever details she can and Micah working hard at not explaining the truth, she asks, "What's with your eyes?"

Using the reflection of a dagger, Micah discovers his eyes are solid black now and he has no idea why.

The conversation takes a more serious turn when Ashlyn then makes the comment that she's keeping a close eye on him and that, "The full moon is in three days."

"W-wh. . .why does that matter?" It definitely catches Micah off guard and he becomes very uncomfortable and defensive. Finding out that Ashlyn knows his secret and making sure she hadn't told anyone else, he tries to reassure her that the full moon won't be anything to worry about before going to bed at Ashlyn's demand.
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