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World's Largest Dungeon: Longtail

Fun times as always. Little sad one of the players couldn't join us again for the main session on Saturday, but was there today for the couple of hours.

Amusing quote of the weekend: "Oh yeah, your character is weird."

Erin continues to be a treasure grubbing pirate, but the others managers to grab some swag. Micah ended up with a new rapier and buckler, armor, and an amulet. He also found a trapped metal box that stabbed him and only contained pebbles.

He took the pebbles. (I love Micah.)

During one of the night watches when it was Micah's shift, he got lured off by the sense of another lycanthrope near by. He ended up leaving the group for a bit and found himself confronted by a were-rat named Longtail. They had heard a bit about Longtail from and Ogre they befriended earlier. (I believe that's who they heard about him from.)

Longtail appeared to have known of or about Micah, but not too surprised. He asked some interesting questions and then asked Micah to find him later in the North East section of the dungeon before disappearing. "Come alone. Leave your friends or kill them or both!"

Now Micah is trying to keep the party from traveling North East before he finds a chance to sneak off on his own.

There was one possible chance as the party opened a secret door and Micah was overwhelmed with the scent of methane. He didn't want to explore, but Erin was adamant and said she would go on anyway.

Micah stayed behind, but so did Jaden. (Apparently that player didn't stick with "Trog" and that player is the one who has missed most of the sessions and so I had no idea.) Micah tried to nudge Jaden in following the others, but no luck.

The area contained nothing buts rats and garbage by the way.

Unfortunately for the party, the air seeping from the area contained bacteria and everyone but Cashel fell ill the next day. To make things more troubling, both Micah and their cleric Ashlyn had also contracted a disease from rats a few days prior. The party had to hold up in a room, rest, and get treated by Ashlyn.

It involved having to strip down quite a bit and Ashlyn discovered a birthmark on Micah that she knew meant he is a lycanthrope. She hasn't talked to anyone about it yet and Micah doesn't quite realize this.
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