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Since Tumblr is down. . .convo just now at work.

Coworker: So, what are you doing this weekend?
Me: Just more gaming. Started a new campaign and new characters.
Coworker: How long does it take to make a character? Do you play one or multiple.
Me: One. And sometimes it can take a while. Spent most of last Saturday building characters.
Coworker: Are you playing a chick?
Me: No, I am playing a guy.
Coworker: Is he a chick?
Me: W-. . .
Me: . . .
Me: . . .What? No. He's a guy. Average height black man with blue eyes.
Coworker: Creepy.

Sometimes the questions she asks just really throws me off guard. She's also the one who asked me why not add shrimp to my vegan stir fry.

I mean, granted. I have played a female character who dressed and posed as a man in D&D once.
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