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World's Largest Dungeon: Micah and the Party

I meant to finish writing this up and post it before we started playing, but oh well!

Did a lot of thinking about my new character I built for my group's next (current) campaign. I bugged Adem for a while about wanting to play a werewolf even before it was decided what setting and rules we would be using. He wasn't against the idea and didn't seem to mind the extra work I would be creating for him.

So, yes. Lots of thinking! I've been really excited about playing D&D again. Not that I didn't enjoy our Fallout world with the Dark Heresy rule set.

In the past I have played a small assortment of characters when it comes to personality. Quiet evil character, stoic observer, eager and hard worker, purely innocent child, bleeding heart healer, typical hero, light hearted and friendly cheerleader, asshole (aka: typical elf), and a mischievous runt. With the exception of my purely innocent child character and my friendly bardic elf, all have been serious. I want to try and break away from that a little more.

I kind of want an unpredictable and strange character who is hard to read. A random little thing about him is that he has his name tattooed to himself because he doesn't remember his name. In his mind, it's "unimportant," but people keep asking him for it. Also, he isn't quite sure the name is actually his and as he would comment, "It might be the tattoo artist's name, I don't know." But it's a name!

The name Micah Shard won, but I had considered Conan, Ender, and Samson. It will take a little while for him to get use to being called by a name in a party setting. (Someone called him "Guy!" at one point, which he had no issue responding to.)

He's werewolf born as opposed to contracting the the curse from a bite sometime. Driven by wanderlust, he (for the most part) has traveled off on his own. An opportunist "I want to see what happens" kind of guy who is no stranger to trouble. Being a werewolf has caused him great headaches and it has finally driven him to a point of self destruction so to speak. . .

The setting we are playing is World's Largest Dungeon and we are playing by modified 3.5 rules. (We were going to play Iron Heroes, but at last minute switched.) Micah had always heard about the "Mysterious cave people go into, but never return from." and curiosity grew, but always left it alone. Now, the pain and confusion from being driven from towns he ventured to has brought him to the reasoning of, "There is probably no better place for someone like me!"

Our first two sessions have been fun for me playing as Micah. I was worried I would struggle to play a strange character and afraid I would slip into old habits, but I don't seem to have any problem so far! He's the only one who can search for and disarm traps. Because of this, he has developed the habit of saying "No." when told to do so by a certain member of the party.

Even though he is a bit odd, he can get very serious. He has a strong dislike for government and law and any mention of this will cause him to get cold or serious. Micah also doesn't take too kindly to thieving of his own personal items. If anyone in the party steals from him, he won't think twice about using force to get it back or to teach the person not to do it again.

Finally, he will get serious when the topic is about him being a werewolf, this is a secret he is keeping from his party currently. Because of his history of being chased out of villages and town, he doesn't want to change unless he has to. A last resort. I imagine the first time he will change is when the group comes into a "boss fight" of sorts. After changing back he will become quiet and avoidant for a while. Of course, he has no problem taking advantage of some abilities while in human form. . .like his heightened sense of smell. He he.

Our party is a mix of people. I should note that Micah is the only one who volunteered to enter the "Cave of No Return" and everyone else in the group had been arrested and sentenced to go. The criminals consist of an archer, pirate, knight, and a cleric.

Trog the archer does his best to be a ladies man and ended up sleeping with the daughter of a noble. This was his reason for being arrested and sentenced. The player behind this character missed most of the first session and all of the mini second session and so his character wasn't used much. So, as far as personality goes, he isn't quite developed or seen yet. Micah doesn't have much of an opinion of Trog, but likes him so far based on the idea that Trog seems to be a "free spirit."

Micah likes free spirits.

(Edit: Please note, I was wrong about the name of the character.  It's actually Jaden!  So you will see "Jaden" in future posts.)

There is Erin the pirate who is, to be frank, a vulgar bitch. We don't know why she was arrested and as far as player knowledge goes, we only know that she hates men and has trust issues. Oh goodie. She's eager to take any loot we come across in the dungeon and seems to think we need to take EVERYTHING we find. This hoarding tendency annoys Micah as surely they will be wandering around forever and there won't be a short supply of stuff to find. Do we really need to take all the studded leather we find? Really?

For the most part, Micah does tolerate Erin if only for the fact that she is also a free spirit who clearly has no respect for order or law. Micah's goal is to not piss her off, but isn't intimidated or scared by her at all. Much of their relationship is Erin telling Micah to search for traps since she wants to search every nook and cranny and Micah saying "No."

Then we have Cashel the knight who was arrested after getting involved in a bar fight and killing a man by accident. He's very serious and probably the only "good" one of the group. He doesn't like Micah's strangeness at all and Micah has no respect for a knight or a "puppet" as he described it.

I should note that both Cashel and Erin are eager to "get out" of the dungeon, but Micah finds that outlook ridiculous. He annoys the two by reminding them that they will never get out.

Side note: I think the knight is named Cashel.

This leaves Ashlyn the cleric who is actually played by our DM to help with healing our party. Quiet and timid. Micah likes her the most for a few reasons. One, Ashlyn has saved his life already a few times. (He's helped her out too, though!) Also, Micah can tell by the symbol on her cloak that she was excommunicated and that she is the only other person not under the delusion of, "We can and will escape this dungeon!" When Micah asked her if she thought they could, she responded with something to the effect of, "I hope we don't."

Micah likes that.
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