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My weekend was good, but then ended not so well.

First off, wow. Friday and Saturday I slept AMAZINGLY well. Usually I don't sleep so well at Adem's for some reason and I did so without ear plugs. And actually, last night I slept awesome and there were a few nights last week where I had great sleep. I don't know what is happening, but I like this trend.

Friday Adem and Nathan and I went out for dinner and had a couple of drinks. Good food and we ended up going to bed early. Saturday we spent all morning with character creation for our new game and started to play a bit. I love character creation.

We played for a bit, but then one of the players had to leave early so we continued on without him. Eventually dinner was needed and we went out for Sushi. After sushi came the movie Seven Psychopaths which is excellent by the way. Funny and appeals to my taste of non-conventional movies. Near the end I did cry a little, but I won't give anything away. (I imagine most people wouldn't cry, but it hit a spot with me.)

Sunday had more gaming, but not for very long. Adem and I watched Metropolis the animated movie before I went home.

On my way home I stopped and did grocery shopping and so by the time I got home it was 6pm. Upon entering my apartment, I heard Fleece meowing. She has been more vocal lately, but it sounded slightly different and I quickly put everything down and headed over to her. She was in the sink drinking some water and gave me this very serious look and meowed a few time more. I could see that a large patch of hair was missing from her neck.

She had been recovering from some bug bites and had little scabs. This has happened a couple of times before, but the scabs would go away and so I wasn't concerned about it. Now I was looking at a large patch where she had scratched her neck raw. It looked like it was starting to become infected and she had never done this before. I gave her some dry food while I looked up information on an emergency clinic I could take her too.

Fleece seemed to be doing okay. She ate fine and thankfully wasn't scratching. The car ride over was okay and we waited in the waiting room together for an hour before we could be seen. We headed back and had an examination. This was when I was told she has a slight heart murmur and sometime in the near future I should take her to the vet for that checked. I went home since they were busy and left Fleece there to be cleaned up and treated. An hour and a half later I got the call and went to pick her up.

We got some antibiotics and a topical for me to add once a day. We headed home where I gave her some wet food and prepared a spot where I could trim her nails. I did so, watched her for a bit, and then went off to bed. It was very sweet as I felt her get in bed with me and she got under the covers and laid against my chest. . .something she has never done before. Even though she likes going under blankets, when I am in bed she never gets under them with me. I put a hand on her and fell asleep.

Waking up I found her still in the same spot. I got up and started my day. Fleece was active, but obviously over having a bandage around her neck and kept scratching it. I knew I needed to get the soft claws on before I left for work. When I was ready she was loaf-catting it in my living room and didn't want to disturb her.

Once ready for work, she was moving around again. I got comfortable and encouraged her over where she was all ready for love and attention. Began rubbing against moving and rolling around in my lap. It was difficult to get the soft claws on, but she didn't seem to be stressed or agitated by it! Gave her love and pets and then every cat's favorite part. . .her first antibiotic in pill form.

I've never given pills to a cat before. In the past I've always had a liquid medication or a paste, but never a pill. I decided to try a trick that has worked with dogs in the past. I rubbed a treat against it and then gave her treat-treat-treat-pill-treat. That was the intention anyway. She quickly snatched up the pill, started to chew, and then spit it out. Welp. Okay. Held her in my lap, got comfortable, and did the open-mouth-drop-pill method and was quite painless. She didn't run off when I let her go so I gave her more pets, love, and kisses. . .and another treat.

I kept an eye on her for the rest of the morning. She is eating and drinking like normal. I watched her try to scratch with the soft claws on and it doesn't look like she will be able to scratch the bandage off. She also doesn't seem to notice she is wearing them just like the product says!
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