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Monday Night

Busy weekend and then Tuesday nights are therapy nights and this Wednesday I have therapy and then seeing Adem. I wanted to use my Monday night well and recharge.

Only. . .

I had a LOT of dishes left over from being sick and running around. They had really piled up. I still haven't washed them all. Well. Four glasses to wash. . .I think I can survive with four dirty glasses there.

The stove is a horrible mess from cooking thanks to my cat's help and me not having a proper lid for my new skillet.

I still had some groceries to put away.

Poked at Tumblr a bit and then remembered to post what I wrote at work today. Did some research on something that has been bothering me and holy hell now it is 10:31.

There goes my Monday night.

And I still haven't gone over my group therapy materials from last week since I missed it last week do to being sick. That was something I was going to do tonight.

Because tomorrow is Tuesday. Sigh.

I will try taking a look at it at work tomorrow or something since my work load is mild. Random note about work: I guess procrastination DOES pay off sometimes since apparently I get production orders before contracts are signed now. Managers SHOULD know better for fuck's sake. Glad I hadn't worked on those ads yet since I found out today the client decided not to buy them.

On a happy and fun note: I bought a new set of dice. Ordered. I hope it comes in before we roll stats this weekend, but I don't think I will get that lucky. I have a problem, I know, but I need a new set for my new character. It makes sense to me.

I associate dice sets with characters. I can't be the only person who does this! And now all my sets have been played with.

(Though I cheated with Talon. I used his set, but sometimes Kion's set because shhh. Kion's percentile rolled well!)

I also got my prop for my Halloween costume! I just need pants, band-aids, and makeup.

Maybe I will be a nerd and show you my dice sometime.

Right now my brain is filled with thoughts of D&D and Tangled. I don't know how Tangled got in there.
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