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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Manager: All right, who is sneezing? CW: Me, but Ani is the one who is sick. Me: Thanks for ratting me out!
  • I played the PETA Pokemon game. I named my Pokemon after meaty-food items. #doingitwrong
  • I feel so gross right now. asf;khewrlknjgadv.
  • Took a shower and changed my clothes. Now I smell like cookies and feel less gross.
  • ~*In the jungle…the QUIET jungle…the LION sleeps TONIIIIIIIGHT*~
  • The look Adem gave me when Patrick said “i dont believe in violence” LOL!!!
  • I didn’t sleep from 3:30 until 5:00am. If there is such a thing as “Restless Arm Syndrome” I has it.
  • omg there is.
  • Why am I surprised?
  • Dear Netflix: Get more reality TV shows. Love, Me.
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