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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Some religious person was so kind enough to give me a little magazine
    with helpful information. Included something about the opposite sex.
  • It explains that texting the opposite sex is a pitfall. If you start
    texting, "next thing you know, you will be dating 3 different people"
  • Starting the day with math~~~
  • A coworker is laying the smack down on another and saying everything that everyone else has been thinking.
  • I want to buy her "Thank You!" cupcakes.
  • Penguin just said Hawkeye is cooler than Graham. I have no idea how to respond to this.
  • Hawkeye is sexier. . .I will agree with that. . .
  • Spam Email: "Your wife and your girlfriend are gonna like it!" Shit! Didn't know I was married & had a gf! What do I tell Adem?!
  • Watching The Avengers. Cooler than the Presidential Debate.
  • CW: I can't remember what it was that my dad use to take. Mel...mel...melanoma? Me: That can't be it, that's skin cancer!
  • Adem knows the the En Passant move.. I think it's love.
  • Adem beat me twice at chess so I take that back about the love bit.
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