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Your Daily Dose of Wat

So, years ago a Verizon customer was heading to Canada and wanted to be clear about his phone plan:

"I have a Verizon unlimited data plan in the U.S. and recently crossed the border to Canada. Prior to crossing the border I called customer service to find out what rates I'd be paying for voice and data. The data rate I was quoted was '.002 cents per kilobyte.' I was surprised at the rate so I confirmed it with the representative I spoke to, and she confirmed it 'point zero zero two cents per kilobyte.' I asked her to note that in my account."

Well. Instead of being charged 0.002¢ he was being charged $0.002.

Here's the call he had with Verizon and trying to explain it to not one, but TWO people. If you don't want to listen, I posted a transcript you can read under the cut.

Verizon 1: Looks like you are questioning kilobyte usage that was done while in Canada? 0.002 Dollars?
Caller: Do you recognize that there's actually--
Verizon 1: or 0.002 Cents.
Caller: Yes. Do you recognize that there's a difference between those two numbers?
Verizon 1: No.
Verizon 1: 0.002 Dollars and 0.002 Cents.
Caller: Yes. Is there a difference between--
Verizon 1: They're-they're both the same if you look at them on paper wise.
Caller: No, they're not actually.
Verizon 1: If you take 0.002...
Caller: Cents. Remember? It's cents.
Verizon 1: ...times 35,896 it's $71.79.
Caller: No. That would be 0.71 cents. How much should I be charged?
Verizon 1: By-by the way this is calculated? $71.79. You're paying 2/10ths of a penny per kilobyte.
Caller: 2/10ths?! Hold on! Hold on! 2/10ths of a penny--
Verizon 1: Mmmhmm.
Caller: --would be 0.2 cents. You quoted me 0.002 cents. So which is the real rate?
Verizon 1: 0.002, sir.
Caller: 0.002 what?
Verizon 1: Cents per kilobyte.
Caller: So, you just said it was 0.2 pennies and then you also said it's 0.002 cents. Those are two completely different numbers. They are 100th whole different.
Verizon 1: Can you hold on for one second for me, okay?
Caller: Sure.
Verizon 2: This is Andrea, I am the manager of the floor, how can I help you today?
Caller: Hi. Do you recognize that there is a difference between $1 and 1 cent?
Verizon 2: Definitely.
Caller: Do you recognize that there is a difference between half a dollar and half a cent?
Verizon 2: Definitely.
Caller: Then, do you therefore recognize that there is a difference between 0.002 dollars and 0.002 cents.
Verizon 2: No.
Caller: I'm teaching math here.
Verizon 2: And I-I and I mean I'm trying to get what you are saying here and it's just not--
Caller: And we're talking about cents, right?
Verizon 2: Right. 0.002 and we multiply that by the amount of kilobytes usage that you had--
Caller: 35,893
Verizon 2: 35,893. That comes out to what you paid, $71.79.
Caller: Cents. You never did the conversion from cents to dollars.
Verizon 2: I don't know. I'm not a mathematician.
Caller: 0.002 cents...
Verizon 2: Right.
Caller: ...times my 35,893 it is a number, but it is still in cents.
Verizon 2: We're not quoting 0.002 dollars, we are quoting 0.002 cents.
Caller: Argh, god. Honestly.
Verizon 2: Well, I mean it's obviously a difference of opinion--
Caller: It's not opinion!

If you are confused, 1¢ is 1/100th of a dollar or $0.01. So 0.002¢=$0.00002. Makes sense? If not I can explain it another way. He he.
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