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If you don't know: I have a "thing" with drinking glasses. I have to have an even number of glasses or it really bothers me. If I break one I end up throwing two away.

So! With that said. . .

Over a month ago, Adem broke a glass. He knew about my glass thing and he teased me about it as we were cleaning it up. I made an effort to not throw a perfectly good glass away to even things out and just lived with an odd number for a while.

A couple of weeks go by and one morning, Adem and I wake up and find that my cat had knocked a glass on a counter and broke it.

He teased, "Now you're even again!"

All was well in my drinking glass world!

Last night Adem was staying over and after finishing off a glass of water before bed, he asked "Where should I put this? I am worried the cat will break it again and you will be odd again."

I pointed over to a couple of dirty glasses I had pushed off to the side by the sink. I did so to try and keep them out of the cat's way. I turned my back and started out of the kitchen when suddenly I hear, "CHINK! Crrrrrick!"

"Did you just break a glass?!" I look over to see Adem frozen in place, holding a glass, and finally he responds with a quiet, "Yes. . ."

Only a small piece had broken off, but a large crack formed and went down the glass. He said he tapped the glass against another as he was setting it down when it happened. We had a good laugh about it.

That night as we were trying to fall asleep, we wondered for a bit what our first fight will be about. The joke is that it will be about my glasses.

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