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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • OH: they will let anyone in here! I see a Frenchman.
  • Me: I need a 468x60 banner ad. CW: *Sends a 8x11 flier* Here you go! Me: . .
  • I hate people. That's what I am trying to say.
  • Your website is slow, not up to date, and makes children cry.
  • "Hey I just met you, (Op Op Op) and this is crazy! (Op Op Op) But here's my number! (Op Op Oppa Gangnam Style!)"
  • I like my partner's brother. After hearing im staying the night he mentioned I could stay in the guest room.
  • That will only happen if Adem pushes me out of his bed...again.
  • Adem: *Makes grr face.* Me: I like that face! Adem: My 'I'm mad at you' face? Me: Yeah!
  • Oh thank Graham, work has Aleve. ;ajdfha;jdsghfdg. OPEN DAMN YOU
  • Clearly I must have an alien thing inside me and it is trying to claw its way out of my back or something.
  • That is the only possible explanation for the pain I am experiencing.
  • I turned around just in time to watch my cat startle herself awake, jump, and crash into everything on my end table.
  • She even took out Graham.
  • Me: I wanna be Hawkeye. Adem: Why can't you? Me: I'm not manly enough. Adem: NO ONE IS MANLY ENOUGH!
  • Adem says im awesome because I talked about D&D for hours and then took a nap with him lol.
That last tweet courtesy of alcohol.
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