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Quick Therapy Note

Realized tonight that group therapy is a good reason why my animosity toward SJers and Feminuts continues to grow or at least, I won't put up with their shit anymore. (By putting up with it, I mean to turn a blind eye to.)

Today we were discussing patterns in behavior people develop that is unhealthy. Signs that there is something YOU need to address/heal within yourself.

The recordings from these distress experiences are the basis for false beliefs. Our unhealed pain creates false beliefs or pseudo realities for ourselves, for others, for groups, for the world. These recordings are NOT a valid guide for our decision making.

An example given was the attitude that "All men are bad."

It's bringing up so much anger and resentment just thinking about this.

I think because I put up with it for so long from people.

You generalize and hate men? Think misandry isn't real or funny or "Misandry4LYFE"? Fuck you and I want nothing to do with you.
Tags: just sayin, people suck, politics, ramble, rant
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