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Down for the Count

Oh my gawd.

Taco truck near my work with its amazing tacos relocated to a very ugly/bad area of town. So, yesterday a friend and I decided to drive to a different taco place and try it out. Didn't have lengua, so got asada and chile verde.

First: Tacos were twice as much as the taco truck.
Second: Tacos were about half as good except. . .
Three: Two of them seemed inedible.

After two bites of my third taco I decided to just throw it out.

But oh my gawd.

About a half hour later I felt very sick to my stomach. It was bad. I closed my office door and rested a bit, holding my stomach, and eventually felt well enough to sit up straight. When I saw my friend later he mentioned his stomach wasn't feeling so good either.

5pm came around. I was supposed to go see Adem in Santa Cruz, but I felt awful. Texted him and said I wasn't coming. Drove home which is about a half hour drive for me and that half hour was torture and I still felt like I would vomit.

Tried to make it a joke by tweeting: "Challenge! Can I get home before I throw up?"

The answer is no.

Made it home, curled up in bed, and after a few texts from multiple people I passed out. And I must have really been out. As people kept texting me and my phone is on a high volume and was next to my head, but slept through it.

About 8:30 I woke up due to the neighbor's dog barking. I did some things, took some meds, and went back to bed.

Obviously I am awake now and I still feel sick to my stomach. So, called into work and about to go crawl back into bed.

But oh my gawd. These tacos are kicking my ass.

I paid $10 for this.
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