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Table Top Gaming: Butt to the Fayce!

RPing has been going well.  Got a few fun moments I want to babel about. 

The party went off and ended up going a long hunt for certain items.  In one of the "dungeons" basically, Talon managed to scrap up a few really good items that he was eager to sell upon returning to town.  He did so along with some of his own personal items and got enough money to pay off his debt.

Or so he thought. 

He finds the gang in the bar and approaches saying he has the rest to pay off his debt, but the ring-leader of it all is confused.  Apparently his henchman, Paul, who came and collected a while ago (post). . .used the money Talon gave him for his own personal use.  Fuck.

I offer the 700 caps and a few other items to buy time to get the rest of the 300.  He rejoins the group and they head off on another mission.

Yesterday we find ourselves in a pretty fun and long battle.  (Well, I thought it was fun!)  Fighting raiders and trying to save a caravan they were attacking.  Talon wasn't doing well from a distance and so after someone else in the party took down a few people, Talon ran at a man who was shooting at him with a shotgun.

Miss.  Miss.  Talon gets shot in the leg, but doesn't take much damage.  Then finally Talon reaches him to fight the guy up close.  Talon scores a few shots close to the guy, but doesn't kill or slow him down.  The guy?  He switches to using the butt of the shot gun as sort of a club.  A few misses and a few dodges and then. . .the other guy gets a great roll and I fail miserably at dodging it.

So Talon takes it square in the face.  The roll was a critical hit, but doesn't (thankfully) cause much damage.  The result is breaking his nose and knocking him out cold.  Fun-times!  Ha!  Thankfully a party member shoots the guy in the back and distracts him from just killing me off while I am out of commission.

The other amusing moment was after we had recovered some and helped out the caravan, more raiders appear.  One in particular has quite the gun and our lovely DM asks if anyone has Pre-War Weapon Lore.  None of us do, but everyone wants to roll and see if they can tell what type of gun it is anyway since one person is a military guard of sorts, another is a traveling mercenary, and the last is just a general techy-guy.  So MAYBE someone knows about the gun anyway.  The penalty?  Half intelligence.

Everyone rolls and fails, then looks at me.  I wasn't planning on rolling because my character has the lowest intelligence of the entire group.  Basically, I would have to roll 13 or lower with a d100.  But when people turned their attention to me I decide to try anyway.

I rolled a 12.

Fuck yeah!  Information dealer for the win!  I just thought that was cute how it worked out.

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