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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Peter Gabriel is amazing.
  • Sales guy in suit and tie. Just caught a glimpse of his socks and they have skulls and crossbones on them. Ha!
  • Well. This is awkward. I'm terrible with famous people names. . .wish I caught this sooner.
  • Making a CD of love songs and put a Chris Brown song on there. Probably should remake this CD.
  • There is a giant spider in the sales department. Sales AE tried to catch it and take it outside. . .
  • . . .It ran under the door and into the office of the General Sales Manager. She will have a surprise when she gets in~
  • I don't like the term "girl/boyfriend" and opt for "partner" instead. Apparently I am confusing people by it somehow. Oops. :T
  • According to Adem: it might be more beneficial for this country to hold elections outside of football season.
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