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Sherlock and mise-en-scène

Anyone who follows me watches Sherlock? I see it all over Tumblr, but not here.

At work on my lunch breaks, a couple of us get together and watch some sort of show. We finished Luther and I must say, I really love that show. Now we have switched over to Sherlock which forces us to watch an episode over two days.

So, we only finished the second episode today.

The first episode I would say I enjoyed, but I left confused over struggling to determine what I found enjoyable. How Sherlock is portrayed is a little interesting, I guess. Not exactly original as I have seen some characters like him before, but still somewhat interesting.

Finished the second episode and yeah. I know what it is now.

I really just enjoy the show for the cinematography. I just enjoy all the visuals when it comes to that show. (And I don't mean the actors, which. . .can I just say I don't find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive? Like, at all.)

The composition and lighting and the details that go into every scene. And the editing! I love it. I love it all.

The story, I don't love. I was kind of thinking that while finishing the second episode today. I am just having a hard time caring, but at the same time I want to watch it because of how pretty it is.

Which is weird when you think about it. The story should be one of the most important things about it.

I dunno.
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