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I went to see a Batman movie and all I saw was a generic action movie.

Saw The Dark Knight Rises finally. It was an okay movie. I wouldn't say it is anything you need to see in a theatre. My thoughts which will have spoilers. . .

The more I think about it, the less I like it. I'm not sure where to begin.

With works of fiction sometimes suspension of disbelief is necessary. Totally get that! Yup, I am willing to accept "The Bat" as a functioning helicopter. Yup, I am willing to accept the motorcycle thing. Yup, I am willing to accept the reactor being turned into a nuclear weapon in less than 5 minutes. Yup! I am EVEN willing to accept that you can "pop" a vertebrae back into place like an out-of-socket shoulder and that it only takes Batman 5 months to heal from a broken back.

Not willing to accept the United States lack of involvement in Bane's capture of Gotham and actually, the US HELPING Bane retain control over Gotham city. I really can't. The movie would have been better if we left wondering why the US government didn't get involved instead of seeing how the US government chose to help Bane and nothing more. Yeah. I'm sorry. No.

Also, the special forces guy or whatever you see come in a few months in and dies like 10 minutes later. What the flying fuck was that? No.

Fox made a comment about trying to help Wayne declare fraud on his stolen finger prints. Um. Then we never hear anything about that. And why didn't Wayne prepare himself for fraud when he first realized his finger prints had been stolen? Doesn't matter he didn't find out what they were going to be used for! No.

The movie over all didn't even feel like a "Batman" movie. I really don't know what it felt like, but it didn't seem like it was a movie about Batman. Actually, Batman/Bruce Wayne seemed more like a side character in his own flippin' movie.

I did enjoy some of it. Action and things exploding. Most of my enjoyment came from Bane and Blake/Robin.

Bane was a refreshing villain to me with an interesting back story. I am not familiar with Bane at all from the comics, so I don't know if he was a bastardization of Bane or an okay interpretation. I enjoyed his demeanor throughout the film and how it seems he is incredibly intelligent. I also love how he is able to kill people without much thought or lag and small exchanges or comments he makes towards money. "I paid you a small fortune!" "You think money matters to me?" Very awesome!

I like Blake as you actually see him go through a character transformation throughout the course of the film. You see him grow and become stronger as a character and into his history and motivation a bit. He is an incredibly likeable character for me and I enjoyed watching him. I almost wish the movie had just focused on him or something.

The movie seemed to lack a main character or just a focus on a character. . .which I felt like it needed. Among other things.
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