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Camping was pretty cool. I haven't been camping in probably 17 or 18 years. The place we went to was in the redwoods forest north of me. It was beautiful and warm there.

Adem and I shared a tent. The smallest and oldest tent the group had. It was probably meant for a child and if one of us stretched out, the other person couldn't. One evening we heard a "pop!" like something had landed on the tent followed by a creaking noise. We couldn't see what was happening and when it was over we just went back to sleep. The next day I discovered that one of the poles holding up the tent (dome style) had snapped and split. Still holding, but barely.

I probably had the easiest time sleeping on the ground since I slept on a floor for months less than a year ago. Cold mornings were what made it difficult for me and I even had come prepared!

The first full day we were there we went on a hike through the woods. We took one of the longest hikes that took us 8 or 9 hours to complete. Along the way we saw two water falls. One in particular was especially neat since the trail kept coming back to it so we got to see it from different points. Every time we came to a brook we would take the opportunity to cool off.

Near the end of the hike, the last few hours, I was really struggling. There was a lot of up hill sections and I would just lose my breath. I felt pretty bad for falling behind, but Adem kept me company. It was worth it in the end, but dear god it was a lot of work. I'm so out of shape. After the hike I took a shower which can best be described by my thoughts. . .

"This is so gross. This is so gross. (Stepping into hot water) This is so nice. This is so nice!"

That night I couldn't sleep since my legs were so incredibly sore. Any time I moved I was in pain and it would take a while for it to go down enough for me to fall back asleep. The next day I ended up taking a nap by the fire pit in the sun. Ha ha!

The day after the hike was filled with gaming and relaxing. Risk, backgammon, checkers, and of course our RPG. Which, by the way, was a ton of fun!

My character finally got enough money to pay the mob his debt. Or so he thought. He had paid 300caps a while ago to a henchman who apparently only used it to pay off his own debt. So, poor Talon still owes 300 and has two and a half weeks to get it. There was an amusing moment where after the party killed a man who went berserk in a tavern. Talon begins searching the body. Next to the body is a lot of caps and I use slight of hand to try and steal some without really being noticed.

I failed.

But I succeeded in charming the crowd because hey! In Talon's defense he fired off the kill shot and so everyone should be thankful. Plllb!

Side note, I can't remember what was happening at the time but I did roll a 99 three times in a row. In the system we are playing (Dark Hersey) that's a critical fail. The first time I used my re-roll only to get the second 99. The DM was stumped on what reallybadthing(tm) to have happen to my character since the situation wasn't anything where it would make sense. The third 99 I think my gun jammed and was damaged.

Later that night we played hide and seek in the dark. The first round no one could find me. Mwa ha ha! Even though people kept walking right past me. It was awesome. But the funny thing I want to mention are the racoons.

Tyler was seeking one round and I was hiding among some small trees near the fire pit which is where he starts. I thought I heard a rustling, but chose to ignore it. I heard a rustling again followed by Tyler exclaiming, "Stop moving around so I can find you!" and "I know that is you, Adem!"

Shortly after the rustling came by close to me as I felt something run right past me. I also heard a bit of a weird growling noise from it, clearly an animal of some sort, but I half wondered if I just imagined it. Tyler then said, "I hear you laughing, Adem!" Soon after Tyler stopped and commented that there is some sort of animal in camp and to stop. Flashlights on and we discovered Tyler had been chasing a pair of racoons around the campsite. We scared them off.

They came back later as we were playing again and rubbed against the one person who wasn't playing and had just been sitting by the fire pit. We stopped and went to bed where we could hear racoons running about our campsite looking for and failing to find any food items we left out. (The campsite had a lockbox for food.)

The next day was a very short day as we packed up and left.
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