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Long Detailed Dream

The night I came back from camping, I was exhausted and went to bed early. It resulted in a very long and detailed ream. He he he.

Dream starts out with me sitting in the middle of the street of some neighborhood. I don't know why. I look down hill and see a flying orange thing followed by two people. It gets closer.

It's a Haro! It was flying the way a snitch from Harry Potter does. It was actually made by someone (a toy, not a "real" haro.) and I asked the girl who was with it where she got it. She tells me a web address and starts up the hill. I yell out up to Adem and Tyler that there is a Haro coming and they should see, but they ignore me.

Then more people start walking around and most of them had Haros. Whether stuffed, a little plastic thing, or another flying one. All colors and sizes too! I decide to follow them!

We end up at a hotel and I am waiting in the lobby. I want to ask what is going on, but too shy. In a blink of an eye everyone is gone except this one woman standing next to me. Long dirty blond hair and she looked ill. I asked her if she knew the group that came in and she said she didn't. She commented that she was lost.

So I head out into another room and find myself suddenly wearing a very formal men's suit that was pretty close to a tuxedo. Basically a tux, black and white, but instead of a bow tie, I had a regular dark blue tie. French cuffs too. I hate French cuffs.

There is a staff meeting going on and apparently I am part of this hotel staff. We are told that the hotel is overbooked with a major wedding going on and some other sort of event that is using some of the conference rooms. Everyone will be working and doing multiple jobs. "Remember to smile!" and everyone sets off to work. Only. . .I have no idea what my job even IS.

I've had a dream about the hotel before. I recognize much of the layout and only confused about one part. (I know the last time I had "visited" I was confused about this part too.) There is a very formal dining room with two "staff" entrances. One way is easier, but I can't remember how to get there. I find myself in the kitchen acting as some sort of waiter. . .but again, many of us would be doing multiple jobs and I find myself plating the food I am taking out to serve.

The first is an appetizer of little lamb chops. I am taking my time and when I get it about done I find I did it on the wrong plate. I did it on like a school lunch plate that is small, but has those compartments for other food items. I'm feeling upset and expecting Gordon Ramsay to yell at me at any moment (even though I never saw him there.) I look at the ticket and find that the appetizer is for "Graham Aker" and I think, "That's me!" Clearly the food is for me, but not wanting to be yelled at I went in search of the proper plate for this particular appetizer.

I get lost and find myself in an indoor garden that would be better outdoors. There is a beautiful woman there who comes up to me and begins chatting with me. I humor her and walk with her. I am really not paying attention to anything she is saying as I am just captured by her beauty. Just smiling and nodding while enjoying her presence. Eventually we make it outside and are still in the garden where she looks sad and tells me she has to go. Before I can say anything, she is gone and I find myself suddenly surrounded by all sorts of people. Many of them in cosplay, but not all.

I then remember the plate I needed to fix and begin to panic as I try to find my way back to the kitchen. I remember at one point passing a guy who snorts and gives me a dirty look saying, "Oh, you're one of those!" and another person asking me if I am a boy or a girl. I tell them, I don't know.

Feeling helpless and lost, I begin crying. A security guard spots me and walks over to ask me what is wrong. I explain that I work for the hotel, but can't find my way and I am too embarrassed to ask anyone for help. He pulls out a map of the grounds and we look it over together. I can't seem to find the particular kitchen route I had in mind, but get an idea and head off.

Back inside I seem to find myself in a fancier part of the hotel. Deep cherry wood and rich fabrics and golden lighting. There I find an adorable young woman with black hair that is up and messy. A favorite hairstyle of mine on women. I know her as being a coworker and ask for her help and she agrees to show me.

We head up a long staircase with a slight turn and enter a study or smoking room of sorts. Pool table and a bar that wasn't in use. Leather reading seats that had wing backs and studs on the arms. that sort of thing. There is also a grand piano. We walk over to a fireplace where she pulls on one of the candlesticks and I hear some noise off in the distance, though I can't see what is going on.

From there she leads me into an actual hotel room. It feels unreasonably small to me and it contained three beds. We head over to the closet where she shows me that part of the wall inside turned. I'm instantly confused as she was supposed to show me the kitchen route, but she quiets me. The woman then pulls out a gorgeous man's suit or outfit. It's a deep blue with silver trim and embellishments. An off white shirt and a heavily patterned cravat made of silk. There was also lace and ruffles in places and it just took my breath away.

At that moment some guests come in with suitcases. The woman who brought me there tells them they aren't allowed to be here, but the guests insist that because of how overbooked the hotel is, they were told to sleep there. We start to leave only one of the guests has a child and I see them in my dream playing with something and triggering the hidden door to close. . .on the woman. I watch her get pinned and just about crushed. Panicked, I start running to get help.

Running. I really don't know where I was running to. I was so focused on the hotel carpet that I don't know what I was passing by or who was seeing me. Everything was a blur and yet I didn't think I was running fast enough. So I begin to run on all fours. . .somehow. I just remembering clawing at the carpet and yanking at it trying to propel myself faster. It works! Somehow. . .

Again, I don't know where I am running to or who to go to for help. I don't stop running until I find myself outside in a playground for some reason. I stop and look around next to a play house toy thing. A little girl is watching me and her father tells me that she must like me. He asks me to play with her and I explain that I don't have time to do so. As I begin to leave, the little girl starts to cry and all these angry parents begin to surround me. I don't mean to cause trouble so I sink back and turn to the girl. She offers me a ball of slime which I reluctantly grab and squish before giving it back. She seems satisfied along with the parents and so I hurry off again.

I feel my stomach rumble and I begin to panic again remembering that I needed to fix up that appetizer for myself. I'm flustered, look around, and realize that on this particular half of the hotel is an anime convention! That's why I was seeing all those cosplayers earlier. I start wandering around a bit and run into a childhood friend who in real life, hates cartoons and thinks them pointless, but in my dream was in cosplay!

We are confused by seeing each other and I ask her about cosplay and she explains she had gotten into it a couple of years ago. She looks me up and down and asks me why I am wearing a tux.

What happens next is a bit hard to explain. As I am about to turn and head off "back to work" I get this overwhelming sense of fear. Things go blurry and I am frozen in space. I see in my mind a group of thugs threatening to break my legs if I don't bring them the money I owe. The "flash back" of sorts doesn't last long, but when I come back to my senses. . .I begin to see these threatening notes everywhere. Written on the wall, on napkins, on flyers, on signs.

I hurry off and I am not sure what to do. Upon passing a door way I find myself in what feels like a gymnasium. Inside there are rows upon rows of cots and people making up beds. Most of the people there had haros of some fashion and I was confused. Some other staff members are panicking as I guess the wedding guests and the con guests were getting mixed up and fighting over beds or rooms or something. I decide to take my chance to slip out and find myself heading into a locker room.

The thought of showering comes to mind and so I begin to strip. I have a man's body, but no genitals or nipples. Once I am down to my underwear and starting the water to warm up, fear comes over me again. Another flash back and I recall some thin frail mob looking guy is telling me I need to bring some girl to him so he can get information from her. The girl? Well, the one I had forgotten about and got crushed or pin in the secret door.

I skip the shower and hurry out in my shorts. I am in a hotel hallway with con goers walking about and there is a payphone near me. It begins to ring and I know it is one of the thugs after me. I start weaving through the crowd and get the sense they are there. I feel like I am being followed and no matter where I went, that feeling was with me.

It was terrifying. It was stressful. I felt so paranoid and no one in the dream seemed to notice me panicking about.

I somehow make it up to the roof and there is a heavy cold wind blowing by. I see Nathan standing near. I hurry over and grab him by the shoulders yelling, "You have to help me!"

He seems unphased and explains I am not in any trouble.

This makes me more upset and I try to explain my situation. He says I am wrong and tells me to check my phone. This puzzles me, but I follow his suggestion. While I had no pockets, just lifting my hand was enough to pop a phone into existence in my hand and of course, this doesn't seem weird to me. It is the first phone I ever owned in real life and so it had a bit of familiarity with me, but I did think, "This isn't my phone." I stare and look at the time. . .and somehow that clues me in that this is a dream.

I shut my eyes tightly and tell myself to "Wake up!" over and over again.

Opened my eyes. . .still there. Now Nathan seems concerned and tells me to "hurry."

"Okaaaaay." I think and look around. Idea! If it is a dream, I can control it! I struggle to gain control over the dream, but doesn't seem to work. So I try to imagine myself somewhere different.

Suddenly Nathan and I are standing in a forest.

Suddenly Nathan and I are standing in a classroom.

Suddenly Nathan and I are standing in a lab or sorts.

Suddenly Nathan and I are in some outdoor setting with a pond at dusk.

Suddenly Nathan and I are in a HUGE tent on an apartment building in a huge city.

At first I feel safe there, but suddenly see that the tent is infested with children. I say infested because that's how it felt in the dream! It felt more like an infestation and that these children were pests. Nathan and I start throwing them out of the tent and even off the building. Then we are left with one girl who is crouched in the corner. I tell her to get out and she shakes her head. Nathan dumps water on her and I start flicking bottle caps at her. She doesn't leave and I just continue until I see one of the mob people outside of my tent.

I shut my eyes and try to wake up again.

It doesn't but Nathan and I find ourselves on a hillside and he tells me he doesn't understand what is wrong.

My alarm goes off.
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