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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Ow. My !
  • Kind of want to watch Red State again. At the same time I think my brain needs more time to recover.
  • Is it weird that I am watching Animal Hoarders with my cat?
  • Told coworker I am going to try and cook something vegan tonight and she asked "What about shrimp?"
  • This is the second time I have been stuck in a stall unable to see who doesn't wash their hands after they go.
  • Sparkle sparkle nakie Graham time!
  • you can't accept my unhealthy relationship with Graham Aker.
  • I am stuck in a laughing fit. Someone. Send help!
  • While at the store I OH an angry man on a pay phone saying loudly: "I'm the real thing! I'm the real fucking thing!!!"
  • I may not have depth perception, but at least I have good balance! Succeeded my dex/agility check and didn't tumble down those stairs! Yay!
  • [tweet that could be interpreted as passive-aggressive goes here]
  • OH from shower: are we fighting a dragon?! Am I missing the dragon fight?!
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