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Dream. . .

I had a dream I was at a talent show at some school. There were dancing Zakus including Char's. (No taller than 6ft though.) I actually had a little Red Zaku figure in my pocket. My "talent" was going to read some speech from Gundam.

That talked about Zeon or something.

I don't. I don't really know.

But as it got closer and closer to my turn I started to get nervous. I then pretended I was sick and told the person running the thing that I couldn't go on stage. So I left.

I was wandering the city desperately trying to find a sandwich shop as I was super hungry.

I couldn't find one. And for some reason I kept seeing my car in places, but I wouldn't get in it or anything.

Eventually I bump into someone from the talent show who asked where I went. I told them I didn't want to do it and explained what I was planning on doing. I pull out the little Zaku toy only to find it had fallen apart and was silver all of a sudden. The head was still red.

I was sad over the toy. Then I woke up.
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