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Texts from Graham Aker

So this happened. . .

Penguin: Graham sends Gundam a text msg: ‘You are my Waterloo <3”
Penguin: Setsuna: ….what ._.
Anibunny: *Cackles*
Penguin: Setsuna: how did he even get this number
Penguin: Graham: txt txt txt
Penguin: Setsuna: >:o stop using up all my minutes!
Anibunny: I want t—-
Anibunny: Oh god
Anibunny: You
Anibunny: You just gave me a terrible idea
Penguin: D:?
Penguin: or :D?
Penguin: what kind of terrible
Penguin: sometimes terrible is horribly terrific
Anibunny: There are iPhone generators. I want to make funny texts between Graham and Setsuna.
Penguin: 8D
Penguin: Setsuna: how do I change my number

Which then brought about. . .

And that only spread to. . .

Blame the Penguin.
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