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I had a dream that a friend was cosplaying Setsuna. Season 2. He looked amazing. Now I am like, "Oh snap! I need this in my life!"

But that's really not the interesting part of my dream.

Even in the dream I was like, "Damn, you look amazing cosplaying him!" I turned around to talk to someone and then when I looked back? Well. . .

He was in a new outfit that someone else in the dream tries to convince me Setsuna wears at some point. (It looked like a track suit. White with red.) His hair had changed and the jacket was zipped down quite a bit where I could see his chest and it was super hairy.

He actually made me think of Michael Jackson in the dream. (It was the outfit.)

And I spent the rest of the dream trying not to laugh at how ridiculous he looked.
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